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As the winter months get colder rats & mice will persistently invade our homes, that’s why it’s paramount that they are eliminated before they cause irreversible impact to buildings and properties.
Bristol Mice – The House Mouse breeds nearly twice as fast as rats, with up to 10 litters a year and can squeeze through unimaginable holes or entry points. Squirrels are mostly active during the daylight hours and can often be seen running around in gardens or local parks. Fix bottom of door ways to house and garage with reinforced steel to prevent entry of determined rodents, all rodents have two incisors their two front teeth which are continuously growing and gnawing on material like wood and steel helps keep them at bay.
If you are a housing association tenant or renting in the private sector, you should contact your landlord in the first instance.
The Bristol Pest Controller offers not only rapid extermination of rodents in Bristol and surrounding areas but also advises on how to ‘rodent-proof’ your premises so that infestations do not recur. However, we can give you help and advice by phoning our free phone: 0800 135 7518 and asking to speak to a Bristol-based pest control expert.

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