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Carpenter bees look like bumble bees, don’t swarm and rarely sting, but that doesn’t mean they are harmless. Carpenter bees begin nesting in the spring and become active during the height of summer as eggs hatch and adult bees make and store nectar. As their name suggests, these bees don’t live in bee hives like other bees, instead they bore their homes into the bottom of your deck and live there.
When I realized that I might have a Carpenter bee problem at home I decided to call a pest control company to see how to get rid of them.
The only problem is that there are a couple more bees up on the top of the house, about 25 feet up. I got some pest control people over but I am concerned that these bees may return and want to get the right product. IDC how harmless they are…these buggers terrorize me all day at work, hovering around my windows, taunting me! An aggressive one of those giant bees kept landing and flying onto my 11 month old daughter today, I swatted it off of her and then it landed on her face and stung or bit her below the eye. I heard the guy who lived here before me sprayed and got rid of them so they must have come back. I work on my hobby car in the garage and noticed these bees always hanging out in front of the doors.
Carpenter AntsYou may be surprised to learn that carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, they simply hollow out bits of wood as a place to call home. Indeed, carpenter bees can wreak havoc on your siding, window trim, wood shingles, foundation, deck—even your patio furniture. Make sure your carpenter bee exterminator seals the holes with steel wool so that other bees and bests can’t reopen the holes.
You know those humongous monster bees flying around your deck making it a frightening experience to step outside.

My situation started about 2 weeks ago, I cannot go on my balcony without being chased back inside by these monster bees. Maybe I can get my painters to spray into the holes for me when they arrive next week or so. We didn’t realize what they were and they got a good start in the top railing of our deck.
All my life my family has given me grief about my seemingly ridiculous behaviour when encountering some bug.
Much of the wood outside of my house (been in this house for 55 years) and over my deck has been riddled with their holes and several beams have been completely destroyed. Carpenter bee infestations can continue for years, and if not properly exterminated, can recur again and again. Instead of one hive, a carpenter bee infestation means dozens of holes and nesting cavities are bored into your property. Well last year I finally got fed up with getting the begebess scared out of me unexpectedly as one would drop in and hover just inches from my face. But if your deck is at least three or four years old and hasn’t been weather protected then your deck may be a target. Cannot tell you how relieved I feel to know I’m not the only one running back inside.
We have just completed a 50 covered deck with wood top rails so these seemingly harmless noisy HUGE black bees must go! Lenders know that, and all of them require you to get a WDI report before you sit down at the closing table.
Carpenter ants don’t typically make nests in wood unless the wood has been compromised by deterioration or rot. We're not the only ones looking for carpenter bees - woodpeckers are pretty good at finding them too, and often cause more visible damage to your home than the carpenter bees themselves.

If you kill the adults and seal the hole, the larva will eventually hatch and bore escape holes to get out of the gallery. I too have had those hovering bees around for years and had never before seen one so aggressive.
As such, window sills, wood siding, and areas covered by plants are all common places to find carpenter ants. They will poke their head in one of the holes they fly away only to come right back then enter the hole.I saw a couple of dead ones on my deck who must have died on their own. Carpenter bee holes attract other pests from wasps to wood peckers, so it is important to catch the problem as soon as you can.
I decided to find out what those monster looking bees were and what I could do to take back my deck. The female bee dropped right out, and like in a classic movie death scene started flailing feet-up on the deck. After researching the information online I found out that these bees are called Carpenter Bees or Wood Bees. I took up all my azaleas and other flowers, hoping the bees would move on, but that seemed to make no difference at all! Also, most of their holes are underneath my porch railing in an area too tight to get a shot into the holes with any kind of spray. We removed that last year and the bees are continuously coming around looking for the patio cover.

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