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Your first instinct when finding bed bugs in your apartment is to grab the nearest shoe and start banging away on the walls and floors.
If you want to get rid of bed bugs and not simply kill the few you spot, you have to do more than a little bug stomping. The first thing you’ll want to do when you have a bed bug infestation is go someplace else. Most people run right out and get some type of bug repellant or other chemical to kill bed bugs, and that’s fine. Items that cannot be easily placed in your washing machine like sofas and mattresses still require heat to kill bed bugs. All items that have been thoroughly washed will need to be enclose in vacuum sealed bags until all bed bugs have been killed. Some of these household items, like ottomans and throw pillows and soft toys should be vacuumed to kill bed bugs if they are unable to be washed or dried using high heat. We mostly think of bed bugs as being in bedrooms and sometimes living rooms but the key to knowing how to kill bed bugs is knowing how they enter your home.
If you have any decorative molding around the home, examine the areas closely for cracks as this is the most commonly overlooked area for bed bug entry. Remember: you may have to repeat some of these steps several times to effectively kill bed bugs. In this article, we’ll give you some useful information and tips that would help you get rid of them in no time.
If calling in an exterminator is out of your price range, consider effective alternatives to help you kill bed bugs. Avoid that desire because it will only cause the bed bugs to relocated to other parts of the home.

If you don’t seal them properly, you risk bed bugs getting into the clean materials and laying more eggs, thus starting the process over again.
Be sure to seal them to stop more bugs from coming in and check it periodically to keep them sealed. For some areas you will simply have to apply a little elbow grease to get rid of the bed bug nuisance. Scrub hard enough to dislodge bed bug eggs but not so hard that the cloth begins to discolor.
Remember that it will take more than a day to get rid of bed bugs so monitor the progress and repeat these tips as needed. If they don’t have you to feed on every few days, they will go in search of food which means they will go to other bedrooms or common living areas where food will be plentiful.
Areas like room corners, sofa cushions and box springs are most likely to house the eggs but you should thoroughly scrub all floors and furniture to kill bed bugs.
During the day, they hide in very tight crevices and cracks, along the seams and tufts of mattresses, and even in the cracks of bed frames as well as other areas.
Aside from knowing how to get rid of bed bugs, in order to prevent them from coming back, thorough treatment of all the cracks and crevices where the bed bugs hide is essential.
Likewise, immature bed bugs are usually smaller in size and have a lighter color, that it’s often difficult to detect them.
Also, bed bugs have the ability to reproduce quickly that it’s important to prevent their infestation as soon as it arise.
Baking Soda One of the most effective remedies on how to get rid of bed bugs is with the use of baking soda. Diatomaceous Earth Diatomaceous earth is a form of soft sedimentary rock that could be utilized in a dry environment to control bed bug infestation.

Essentials Oils Essential oils, such as Manuka oil, tea tree oil or oregano oil could alleviate the itchiness and swelling brought by bed bug bites. This mixture could be used to lightly mist the furniture, pillows, sheets, or any areas where bed bugs are usually spotted.
Spray the mixture directly onto soft furnishings, clothing, newly-dried bedding, carpets, fabrics, and even on your mattresses.
Furthermore, before going to bed, apply a very diluted mixture of tea tree oil and water on your skin until the bed bugs are completely gone. Also, it forms a coating on an insect’s body that would suffocate them and reduce the number of eggs that bed bugs lay because it blocks their ability to reproduce. Unfortunately, even though Neem oil could eradicate the bed bugs, it doesn’t kill the eggs. Neem oil must be sprayed into cracks, crevices, along baseboards, electrical outlets, window frames, and in places where bed bugs could be usually found. However, the repellent effect would only last for a few weeks and it’s possible that bed bugs would get immune to it.
Just like all pesticides, even though Neem oil is a potent repellent, it should still be in direct contact to bed bugs to ensure death.
Contrary to popular belief, it’s important to know that even though their daily diet is mostly blood, bed bugs are not carriers of blood based diseases, such as AIDS.
Contact a Professional Exterminator Now that you have some ideas on how to get rid of bed bugs for good and how to treat their bites, you could still opt for a professional help in case that the infestation becomes out of control.

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