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If you are thinking how to get rid of ants in the bathroom, you should prepare some things including household disinfectant cleaner, ant killer, lavender oil, and also ant bait.
If the situation is getting more problematic, tips on how to get rid of ants in the bathroom you should use the ant bait. As another option, you can also sprinkle common black pepper which is working to prevent the aunts from crossing.
If you're looking for more inspiration about How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Bathroom take a look at our image gallery below! Since I had a few cinnamon sticks leftover from Christmas I decided to place a few in my bathroom. You might also want to try this easy homemade recipe using only 3 ingredients to get rid of ants!
I have tried Terro, which got rid of them before along with cornmeal on my kitchen counter but now that is just not working.
Now as was said earlier, you are just sending them some where else, so I use the Terro outdoor bait spikes and place them, next to the house, all around the house.
I have tried a natural spray for ants, but the smell of whatever spice is in it was so strong, we had to open the windows. The reason is because the powder gets in their ant lungs and suffocates them, if they even smell it they won’t come near it! It’s not safe around little kids and pets, but if you really want to get rid of them, you have to kill the queen.
We’ve tried several natural alternatives in our house but none of them seemed to work.
I sometimes get little black ants (my mom always called them sugar ants)in my kitchen and can never figure out where they’re coming from.
I’m going to get some of that Terro and keep it on hand for the inevitable next time!

Keep your home free from any ant is considered as the most ridiculous jobs in the world since they will come back.
You can simply spread the ant bait and use the traps under the foundation for two times per day.
I’m going to put some cinnamon powder down tonight and see if that keeps them away for a while.
I live in the woods, and every solitary, for the past few years they have been invading my kitchen. I put it out at the first sign of ants and in a few days they are gone and I usually don’t see them again till the following year! I have been battling ants with tarro and the ants are dying before taking it back to the nest so they just keep coming. We developed it to get rid of roaches and have found from friends, neighbors and customers that it works great to get rid of ant problems in the house. My house is not dirty and I don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink but I have left well rinsed dished in the sink with standing water. A lot of powders have that chemical in them and that is why Ants can’t stand most powders. Takes a few packages cuz they need to be spaced so far apart, but this takes care of it for at least 6 months or more. The vinegar takes away their trail (so the other ants can find you) and the mint keeps them away.
Based on tips on how to get rid of ants in the bathroom, this product is not only great but also non-toxic brand.
Put a couple of caps in their trail and keep the backing paper on so you can move them around if necessary. For the kitchen, I wipe everything down with clorox wipes at night, for the first week after seeing them, now I do this every other day.

You are recommended to scrub the floor around the sink, tub, and toilet with disinfectant cleaner.
I did what any tech savvy housewife would do and asked my Facebook friends how to get rid of these ants! The bait spikes are a couple inches across and are put close to the house, so my daughter never bothers them and they have no affect on our cats.
It’s something every mother has on hand (last I used outside chalk, which worked fine) and it comes in so many colors, I had no problem matching the floor, baseboards, walls, whatever!
After that, you can remove the drawer’s and cabinets’ content before cleaning the shelves by using warm soapy water. By doing this, you will erase the trial of the ant and the scents of the oil with deter ants.
In cleaning the entire bathroom, you are recommended to clean the bathroom with ammonia cleaner.
The ants will begin to take the crumbs back to the mound the queen will eat the product and die and the population (egg laying) will stop. There is a possibility for the ants to get interested in your soap, lotions, or shampoos which are spilled out of their containers.
You have to keep the oil in refresh condition for about every few days until the ants are no longer taken.

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