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When you first start to see ants in your house, it is important to take action to ensure they don't make themselves at home. These tiny ants get attracted to the smell of food items and kitchen is the perfect source of food for them. To get rid of these tiny creatures from kitchen, you have to very careful in optingĀ  a suitable method. Ants will eat this and take some to their nest which in turn will kill other members of them including queen.
You can even wipe the shelves and other crawling areas of ants in kitchen with lemon juice. DE is made up of silica and silica is known for its moisture absorbing properties.DE cuts the outer skin of ants and dehydrates them to death.
Did you know that residual coffee or most commonly called coffee grounds bear scent which is not liked by ants.

Ants love to consume both the food articles but die after some time after eating them as they are too heavy for them to digest.
Before the process of ant elimination begins you may first need to think about why they are entering your premises and get rid of any discarded food, water or housing that they use to survive. After the ants have died use a small shovel and broom to sweep up the chemical and the ant remains.
Ensure that you use a nose mask when using chemical repellants for the ants because they may be harmful if inhaled. How to Use Diatomaceous Earth For several years now, diatomaceous earth has been used to keep pests away from plants.
You can often find these hardworking , disciplined ants marching towards kitchen in a trail. You cannot use any toxic or chemical means in kitchen because of food and other household utensils.

By maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of kitchen, invasion of ants can be controlled to great effect.
They invade the home and swarm our food as well as cause significant damage to household items. However, diatomaceous earth can also be employed to control fleas, caterpillars and various bugs.
Some ants can even be hazardous to health because they give irritating and infectious bites. Discover different ways to use diatomaceous earth and how it can keep your home, pets and garden pest free.

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