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Even though we get some benefits from ants like cleaning up fungus, get rid of dangerous pests, aerating soil, etc sometimes they become trouble for us when they build big mounds.
Coffee ground is the safest material to use and one of the natural ways to destroy ant hills.
Vinegar really helps you to stay away from ants in your yard and in other places where you see ant.
It is least expensive method to control ants which needs little care also because borax is dangerous. The lemon juice can be the effective ingredient to get rid of ant hills in your backyard or garden or anywhere else in the home. Spray these coffee grounds on the ant hill which will kill the hatched young ants and the whole colony.
The lemon juice contains citric acid so that work amazingly to kill entire ants in the hill.

There are many products available in the market especially for ants you can also make use of them. This will help you to find out its nesting habit and you can get better idea to abolish them. You can put an end to this problem with few products available in home center.  Let’s see some of the effective and useful methods to get rid of ant hills naturally in the following section. Even pour water regularly on ant hill which will kill the entire group of ants including queen so that it cannot create new colony.
The important factor to get rid of ant hills in your yard and other places is to keep that areas clean. Wait for around one week ant will carry it to the nest which will be helpful to kill queen ant also.
You have to do it repeatedly and can be used anywhere else in your home to avoid ant trails which can be the natural home remedy to get rid of ant hills without using any pesticide.

Boric acid is dangerous to ants that draws out water from ant’s body and dehydrates them to death.
You can pour borax directly to the ant mound to kill them but you have to be careful while pouring as it destroys grass also. Queen can be able to produce a new colony so that killing of queen is important to get rid of an ant hill. It really works well to destroy ant hills in your yard which is less expensive and also eco friendly.
You have to do it at least twice a day to kill the entire ant colony quickly especially the queen who is the major reason for the formation of new colony.

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