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Generally, a good friend is supposed to portray good moral standards, should respect you as a friend, love you and be able to stand up for you even when you are in the wrong.
Where a friend makes you feel like less of a human being, stresses you constantly and unnecessarily, or exhausts you then this relationship is not worth it and should be terminated.
If you find that your friend is truly hurting and unhappy that you are keeping away from them, then, that friend loves you and you need to go back to where you used to be with them. As a social being people make friends with people with whom they share the same ideas and who are in a common field as they are.

A good friend should be able to tell you what is right and wrong because a good friend is one that wants your life to be better.
In most cases bad friends are easier to find than good friends because like they say “good things are hard to find”.
If any of your friends make you feel used, then something has to be done about that relationship. They look out for opportunities to benefit themselves and never think about sharing the secrets of their success, but always want to share the one you have, thereby, taking advantage of your friendship and love for them.

Your friends should make a positive impact in your life; they are supposed to leave you feeling happy and inspired. Talk to your friend and make them understand the effect their character is having on your relationship.

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