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Maggots are small white insects that look similar to inchworms but are actually fly larvae. You may also want to clean out your garbage disposal if you suspect that you may have maggots living in there as well. Retrieve your pot of boiling water and add in about half as much vinegar as there is boiling water.
Sanitize the surface your just sprayed with an anti-bacterial product and follow by wiping with warm water.
Run the steam cleaner over all of the carpeted areas of your house at least twice to draw out the maggots and exterminate them. Wash your trash cans out with the same solution every few weeks even if you don't have a maggot infestation to keep your trash cans clean. Seal any particularly dank food waste in smaller plastic bags before dumping it into your trash can.

To prevent maggots in the future, make sure to empty your trash can often and use sturdy trash bags.
A safe and non-toxic product that can be used to get rid of maggots is pet shampoo containing one of these insecticides. Renting is usually relatively cheap and is an invaluable tool for getting rid of maggots that have invaded your carpet. Make sure to seal extremely potent leftover foodstuffs in sealable bags before placing them in your trash can to avoid attracting flies. Be sure to take out the trash as often as possible to prevent your trash cans from spilling over. If you already have screens installed, make sure that there are no tears or holes in the screens that flies might be using as highways to your home. Wrap meat products in newspaper and throw them out just before trash day to prevent the meat from rotting in your trash can.

Leaving the food outside will attract flies that will hang around the site of your pet's food and potentially find their way into your home. Because the smell of rotting food, particularly rotting meat, attracts flies, maggot infestations often occur in trash cans and around the kitchen.
Make sure that the insecticide you choose is safe for your carpets and non-toxic to humans and animals. Place these strips near your trash can and around areas that the flies in your home tend to congregate.

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