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We frequently get emergency calls during the summer months to exterminate flying ants from a wide range of properties throughout the whole of london. Flying ants normally emerge at times of high temperatures and high levels if humidity, frequently emerging in large numbers simultaneously very often number several thousand at a time. When we treat flying ants, we would normaly use a fast acting residual insecticide that not only kills the ants that are emerging at the time of treatment, but also any other ants emerging after the treatment ensuring total erradication of all the flying and worker ants.

One of the most commonly misidentified pests is the flying ant, which is frequently confused with the termite.
If you have a pest specimen, and are unsure if it is a flying ant or termite, please, play it safe. Flying ants have elbowed antennae, while those of termites are straight, and somewhat smaller.

Several hundred dollars or more, as flying ants are usually a quick fix, while termites are not.

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