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With those characteristics that bed bugs possess, they surely are some of the most formidable pests that you must rid.
However, before you could effectively and safely kill bed bugs with Bed Bug Bully’s help, you must first find them.
Bed Bug Bites – what stronger evidence could you get that you have bed bugs in your place than their own bites.
Bed Bug Exoskeletons – this bed bug symptom you could find in the actual hiding spots of the said pests or near them. So basically, either way, whether to hire a bed bug exterminator or replace the contaminated items, you would be spending big. When looking for bed bugs, here are the items and spots in your house where they will most likely hide.
Couch – with the number of people sitting on the couch, even strangers, bed bugs are easily transferred to it.
In all those spots and pieces where bed bugs mostly hide, particularly, the pests could be seen in the cracks and crevices in them.
If you saw some signs of bed bugs but found none, at least, that would make you be more cautious. Inspect the chair or couch, closet, curtains, wall hangings and any other furniture or item that could hide bed bugs.
If the new room also shows a sign of bed bug presence, it’s best to find another hotel.
Sometimes though, even if you stay in a bed-bug-free hotel or place all throughout your travel, on the way there or back, you could come in contact with bed bugs.

So now that you know when and where to look for bed bugs, you could eliminate them early and save yourself from more bed bug problems. Apart from it, you should also think about their reproduction rate as in just a matter of days or weeks, they could already double their number. If you keep on getting red, itchy and swelling bite marks in a line, that’s a green light to look for the vampire-like pests. Bed bugs molt five times in their whole life cycle so if you got them, surely, there would be bed bug skins in different parts of your house.
Apart from it, you must also know where to look for them to be able to deliver a successful and timely bed bug treatment. And with that high possibility of being contaminated, your couch is one of those first items that you must first and foremost check when doing the inspection. With carpeting also often installed in the living room and the bedroom, it also offers bed bugs an easy access to their targets – who could be you.
And with them located in bedrooms, they also offer the pests an easy access to bed bug victims. And so when checking them out, look closely into the gaps between their parts and on their seams if there are. And of course, that would require you to stay in other people’s place or probably, in a hotel or an inn. Since it’s rude to ask your host if they got bed bugs or not, do it yourself but not in front of them.
You could leave your luggage outside the room while you inspect the room or your could bring it in but make sure you don’t put it on the floor.

The pests, as several reports have it, could now be present even in public means of transportation as buses, trains and even planes.
Because they also move quickly, they could transfer from one area in your house to another without being noticed.
Don’t be too quick to conclude though that you have bed bugs based on the marks alone. And of course, your inspection must be directed to the same furniture pieces and areas you would check if you are in your own room. With that, you could be sure that you or anyone else is not exposed to harmful chemical ingredients. Remember that their bites look like marks of other common house pests, so it’s best to look for bed bugs first. Needless to say, with the bed bug exterminator cost too high, you would need a big amount of money to get the bed bug treatment done. And given that a single adult female bed bug could lay up to four eggs a day, early bed bug treatment could surely make a big difference. With that, you could prevent the worst effects of bed bug infestation and avoid huge spending.

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