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A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about how we had a fruit fly problem and how we got rid of the problem.
Putting the glass in the microwave for 15 seconds will get more aroma out of the vinegar and attract more flies. We’ve seen some of the fruit flies coming out of the garbage disposal, so one of the things we did to help prevent the fruit flies from coming around was to first throw some baking soda down the drain then run hot water and the disposal, then throw a bowl of ice cubes down the drain and run the disposal again. We’ve never had a problem with fruit flies but right now yellow jackets are finding their way to the inside window over the kitchen sink.
About 10 years ago when I worked at a restaurant, we put a bucket of ice in each drain every night to help keep the fruit flies at bay. Yeah, we live in the Southwest and have been having a big problem this year with bugs and I guess they are fruit flies by looking at them. Fruit flies are pesky little buggers – all it takes is an open window (they are so small that they can pass through screens) and a bowl of ripening fruit to start an infestation. Clean counters daily with a Lysol wipe or an all-purpose spray (recipe coming soon for a green, pet friendly DIY version!).

Vinegar flies, sometimes inaccurately called fruit flies or bar flies, are small flying insects and yellowish brown to dark brown in colour. Apparently, fruit flies are drawn to the aroma since it smells like fermenting fruit … which happens to be a fruit fly delicacy.
Put a half inch of vinegar into a glass, add a couple drops of soap, and put it near the garbage can or the sink. A few modifications though: after microwaving the vinegar to warm it, I put a drop of dish soap to break the surface tension of the vinegar so the little fuckers will drown instead of skate on top of the vinegar. If the fruit flies are coming out of the sink, and if you have an ice maker, you might want to try dumping all your available ice into the sink each night before bed. Sometimes, you take them home with you from a grocery store or farmers market – they love to lay eggs on ripening fruit, so you can bring them into your home without even realizing it. This is my journey to combat the crazy with simple solutions to live meaningfully and to get more out of the everyday. Vinegar flies will breed in any soured, decaying substance such as those described above as well as wet mops and accumulations of food particles behind or under kitchen equipment.

With an incredibly fast life cycle (they can go from egg to adult in just 8 days), it doesn’t take long before they get out of hand and every visit to your kitchen results in a swarm of fruit flies around your head. Best of all, this requires little effort on your part – it kills the flies while you’re off leading your busy life! Vinegar flies are often seen hovering around overripe fruit and vegetables, baked goods containing yeast, rubbish bins, unclean mops and dishcloths, drainwater, and around beverages such as fruit juices, cider, soft drinks, beer, wine and vinegar. He also suggested putting a few drops of soap in the vinegar to break the surface tension so that the fruit flies couldn’t float on the top of the water like these water strider insects. The moment I spot fruit flies, it lives in my kitchen and any fruit fly I see meets its demise when they are introduced. Finally, leave it where you see fruit flies the most – your compost, garbage can or near the sink.

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