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Neither Jan nor I had much interest in the book-like objects that often sneak into the museums as book arts – the carved and glued together things that sorta, kinda have a bookish aspect to them – rough-looking – perhaps chain-sawed Oaken boards or granite slabs, slathered in tar and lashed together with jute; but lacking text.
Those whose language and culture are not threatened can never know the burden under which the carriers of small minority languages labor – nor how those in exile bring up their children to preserve that which is beyond their capacities to save. Jan and I were both molded from an early age by children’s books and stamps designed by the likes of Max Svabinsky, Alfons Mucha, Josef Lada and Mikulas Ales. There they encounter resident trout and bass – even sunfish, chubs and dace, all keyed into the increasingly plentiful and highly nutritious bounty of salmon eggs.

There was, however, nothing about his nationalism that demeaned anybody else’s traditions or origins. While visiting their unassuming engraver and extending my tourist visa 30 days at a time, I was quietly becoming qualified for life as a counterfeiter – a vocation within which, one is set for life, however it may eventually turn out. A book is so much more than the sum of its parts – and yet each of us tends to have our own bailiwick in which we shine and to which we look first. Few people would have cast a second glance at that glued-up mess of moldering old papers before pitching it, nor would they have recognized what they had in hand or known how to restore or sell it.

Those items too, kept trickling out the door, until there came a sad, sad day, when the golden eggs were all gone.

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