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I do not understand the workings of this one – wooden counting sticks, rocks, feathers and yarn with a box in the background.
A barrel – although technically too small, I do believe the plan was to trap the mouse underneath the barrel.
I spent some time fiddling with these trying to figure out exactly how you set them and I have a couple of scars to prove it. I climbed out on the projecting kitchen roof yesterday afternoon, pushed up a tile and placed the trap for easy removal. I like the sticky paper works real good, you get 1 on there & his friend come to take a look.

I put a rat trap (without teeth) in our roof years back, and during breakfast there was a loud bang, after which there came a loud flapping as it tried to get out of the trap, and lots of wheezing, all diminishing very slowly and gradually as it was basically suffocated to death. Because I had last seen it {two days prior} run under the fridge they were convinced it was there and spent at least seven hours devoted to trap building and monitoring. A cat chasing a rat in there will have your ceiling crashing down when the moggie smashes into the wiring holding up the tiles and framework.
Later on in the evening about 10 oclock there was a lot of painful rat squealing that lasted about a minute so I am hoping Rat met Cat and that's that but just in case I have set two more traps in the same place tonight. I suggest fishing line to the nearest roof access point and a pencil or a piece of wood to indicate it the trap has moved.

The problem is that the neighbour has a loose tile to their kitchen roof and Mr Rat has gotten in there and occasionaly passes over to our roof space and dances a noisy fandango.

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