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TINY LASER GUNS: Tiny laser guns that have special motion tracking and heat seeking infrared capability, and which zap the rats with a bolt of high-intensity concentrated light exceeding 2000 degrees which vaporize the rats on impact may seem fun, but these lasers don't actually work very well because they are more of a science-fiction type device than a "reality" type device. The only true cure for a rat problem is to prevent rats from entering your house in the first place, and THEN you can kill them, with complete trapping and removal. Rats chew on wires, make a lot of noise running around and scratching, and can spread disease.

Even if you are unconcerned with the suffering of your nuisance rodent, consider the fact that this creature will most likely die somewhere within your walls, creating a pervasive odor throughout your home until the decomposition process is at an end. Or, the population outside may just be very high, and you'll get a ton of rats inside no matter how many you kill.

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