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If you see a small fly or gnat type insect flying around in the kitchen, do not assume it is coming from the drains. Understanding the different breeding sources for the flies will help you identify and manage the infestations. Drain flies: Drain Flies breed in drains, sewers, septic tanks and soil that has been contaminated with sewage. Phorid Flies: Phorid Flies are found in sewage contaminated soil, garbage, drains, human cadavers, rotting vegetables and fruit, garbage as well as damp organic materials.
Sphaerocerid Flies: These flies may be found in manure, damp organic material, drains, rotting fruits and vegetables and garbage. Sometimes, drain flies (moth flies) can come from under slab floors from a drain pipe that has broken. If the suspicion is strong enough that drain flies are breeding under a slab, a hole must be broken through the slab to see if indeed a pipe has broken and flies are breeding there.
Sump pump pits and sewers are usually found in a basement area and also prime breeding sites for drain flies (moth flies), particularly in commercial buildings.

In homes, drain flies are generally found breeding in bathroom drains, particularly those in showers.
Remove all organic debris trapped in small cracks and crevices under the legs and bottom edges of kitchen equipment.
Drain flies, or moth flies, can be found in moist, highly organic debris areas such as sink drains, moist mops, sewage treatment facilities, storm drains, dung and rotten vegetation.
The top fly light traps recommended to catch drain flies and other smaller flies are the Aura Decorative Fly Light Trap or the Nectar Fly Light Trap.
If the drain flies get stuck on the tape as they exit the drain, you know you have drain flies. The sewers and pump pits need to be checked for activity even if it is not close to where the moth flies have been seen flying. In most cases where moth flies are breeding in this area, adult flies will begin emerging from the hole within minutes. Both of these traps have patented green bulbs with a light spectrum range to attract the smaller flies.

Adult flies then enter the living space above the slab through cracks in the slab and back through the drain pipe. Drain flies are strongly attracted to light and will fly to the hole drilled through the wall.
If you use something like a knife to scape the sides, you can examine the sludge for live larvae. Apply using a B&G VersaFoamer HH or sprayer to cracks, crevices and drains where small flies breed.

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