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Also known as the common wasp, the common yellow jacket is popularly found in Eurasia and has been introduced in North America as well.
Though by name, these are referred as hornets, bald faced hornets are actually yellow jackets. Yellow jackets as mentioned above are harmless until they nest near residences or places where there is high human activity. The aerial yellow jacket and the bald faced hornets are the only two common specimens that build aerial nests. The safest option is to hire a professional to do the job as the possibility of being stung is very high while removing yellow jacket nests.

True to their name they have a prominent black and yellow coloring (except for the bald faced hornets that are colored black and white). Common yellow jackets build nests that have open cells that are arranged in cylindrical columns known as petioles. A typical yellow jacket nest comprises anywhere between 500 to 15000 cells that houses several thousands of yellow jackets. The nest contains a series of suspended combs where the queen lays her eggs and the young ones are hatched and reared. A cool evening will be the right time to exercise yellow jacket control as the insects will be home after a day’s foraging and they are not every active in sluggish temperatures.

Like any other yellow jacket species, it defends its nest aggressively and is capable of inflicting multiple stings.
Yellow jackets can build nests in unoccupied rodent burrows, tree cavities, stumps, worn out logs, attics, abandoned vehicles, old barns and walls of homes.
Though they are less aggressive than the other yellow jacket species, they can spray venom in the eyes of their attackers when provoked.

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