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You mostly see them in established neighborhoods (not new construction) and near woods and forest preserves. Next, you can use mole repelling treatments in your lawn that are designed to drive them away. Instead, they burrow tunnels just below the soil surface as they forage for grubs worms, earth worms and insects. You should place a long-lasting grub preventative in your lawn each summer to reduce grub worm activity in your lawn.

Most of these products work very well if you have patience and follow the directions set forth.
I also use this same product to keep rabbits from digging around my perennials during the summer and fall with very good results.
I am really proud of the results my readers are getting using this easy to follow lawn treatment schedule. Invaders dig, they will come in contact with the bad tasting soil and quickly decide the bad taste is too strong and prompt them to find food elsewhere.

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