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SchristiaFlying ants only come around a few times a year and are easily rid of with chemical bug spray, homemade remedies or simply the old fashioned swat.
Had this problem, too this year - you need to get a professional - even they know the ant is the *most* difficult to keep at bay. Try boiling water, then cheap bleach   also keep weeds at bay near your house my ants were living of roots so I used roundup havent seen any this year and I am usually plagued by thousands from spring to autumn including the flying ones yuck! Yea a couple years ago I had the same problem I would say at least 30,000 flying ants were in my house. During the ‘flying ant season’ which occurs when the weather is warmer, the queen ants in each surrounding colony will grow wings and travel to find other colonies to mate with and create new colonies with.
Every morning, around 6 am, flying ants start flying around the chandelier, and then fall onto the table underneath of it.

To rid your home of a small colony of flying ants, it’s as simple as hitting them with a blunt object, like a shoe or fly swatter.
For larger colonies, use bug sprays or powders that are specifically designed to kill ants. If they are ants, try baiting to kill the queens (gel baits are the best), spray only as necessary with a pyrethrin based spray. If you have small children or animals, and do not wish to use chemicals to treat the flying ants, you can use homemade repellents instead.Take ? a teaspoon of honey, Equal, Splenda, or another sugar substitute that contains aspartame, and mix with any house hold cleaner made with baking soda.
Pour this in the area of the ants nest, and the ants will carry this mixture to their colony, killing them and preventing more colonies within your home.
If possible keep your windows shut for the duration of the swarm; if not, placing netted screens over your windows will help keep out these ants.

It is important that you kill any surrounding colonies to prevent further infestation of these unwanted pests. Bronner's peppermint soap can be used too - you can find this at health food stores or sally beauty (I think).

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