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Anyone who has ever had problems with bed bugs knows that it can be a lengthy process that requires patience and plenty of follow up. While it is true that they gravitate towards warmth and blood, there are specific areas of the home that must be pre-treated, treated and followed up on in order to fully get rid of bed bugs. Look carefully at products used to get rid of bed bugs because many sprays and powders are unsafe for direct use on mattresses. When getting rid of bed bugs many people disregard the box spring which is unfortunate because it provides a good hiding place for bed bugs. Treat all sides of the box springs and if you buy encasements, make sure to get one for box springs. This means you will have to completely dismantle your bedroom furniture in order to treat it and encase it, when necessary. Before using any bed bug products on curtains, do a spot test so the fabric doesn’t stain or tear. Any treatment plan for getting rid of bed bugs will require you to consider your walls as potential hiding places. In addition to bed, box springs and carpets you will need to inspect and treat all upholstered furniture in your home.

Make sure you all 10 of these locations to your bed bugs treatment checklist to get rid of bed bugs permanently!
One of the reasons that many people have trouble killing bed bugs is because they forget to treat many of the places bed bugs use as secret hiding places. Today we’re covering 10 placed that bed bugs are often found and need to be on your checklist for bed bug treatment plan. Use a magnifying glass to check for bed bugs and eggs on all sides of the mattress, paying careful attention to tufts and folds where bed bugs might go unseen. These are places most people don’t think to inspect and treat for bed bugs, but this is favorite hiding place for bed bugs thanks to its warm dark climate. Treat them particularly in the corners and hard to reach edges where bed bugs are likely to hide. First you will need to treat the space underneath baseboards to eliminate a path for bed bugs to travel from one room to the next. When possible you should lift up carpets to treat corners and edges of the floor with a spray, dust or powder to kill bed bugs. During treatment of bed bugs you need to inspect all furniture legs, wheels, posts and casters.

This is why any bed bug treatment plan you use should entail disassembling your bed frame and treating the entire frame as well as head and foot boards. To successfully get rid of bed bugs remember to treat the underside of the drawers as well. If curtains have special cleaning instructions you can use a steamer to kill any bed bugs or eggs that are there or have them dry cleaned. Then you will need to seal up any cracks in or under the baseboards to disallow more bed bugs from entering your home. Keep carpets (including bathroom and area rugs) vacuumed regularly to permanently get rid of bed bugs. Furniture like leather may seem exempt however the corners and underneath the sofas will still need to be treated.

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