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Like any other insect, they are fascinating creatures, but however awesome they biologically are, you don’t want them crawling in your cabinets contaminating your food. Depending on the area that you live, and the construction of your home, will determine how roaches get inside the house.
If you look at the foundation you'll see that the house actually hangs over the foundation of the home a couple of inches. Unlike insecticides, boric acid is odorless and very little toxic to people and house pets. Clean any surface where any member of your household (including pets) can come in contact with the powder. There are many types of roaches but, contrary to popular belief, not all want to be inside your home. The males are very attracted to lights, so they will fly to your exterior lights and then find their way inside.

Underneath of there this an aluminium rail that runs all the way around the outside of the house and has little holes every three to six inches, that allow the walls to breathe.
Once they become established in a house, they are capable of producing several thousand offspring in a single year. They travel in grocery bags, carton boxes, laundry, open drains or simply wander into your house from outdoors.
Wood roaches are outdoor-dwelling cockroaches that are often found in wooded areas and in stacks of firewood but sometimes find their way into your home.
Again when a roach approaches the home, they feel the moisture coming out of the house and draws them right upside the wall. Read on below to learn about wood cockroaches, where you can find them, and how to keep these occasional indoor pests out of your home.
When a roach approaches the foundation of the home they can feel the moist air coming out of the walls and it attracts them right inside the house.

If you live in an area were your homes are mainly made stucco, you have what's called a j-rail. Houses with wood siding, cedar shake shingles, or large woodpiles are more likely to experience wood roach problems. Clean your toaster at least once a week (if you use it often) and keep your pets food fresh.
Seal door frames, windows, basement windows, and any other crack or opening that bugs could use to get inside your house.

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