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There are six signs to look for when you think there might be a bed bug infestation in your home. Many times you will notice small patches of blood on your sheets before you notice any other sign that bedbugs have made it into your home. For many people the first sign that they have a growing bed bug problem will be the random bug bite.
To help the How do I know if I have bed bugs question it is useful to under stand the bed bug life cycle. Bed bugs tend to be reddish brown to dark tan in color, though they can appear to be a dark red in color after they have fed.
As if the whole thought of bed bugs is not gross enough as it is, one sign of a full blown infestation will be a large amount of feces, nymph skin casings, and dead adult bed bugs where the colony lives.
Generally bed bug bites look like typical mosquito or flea bites, which are red, raised bumps.
Bed Bugs are transferred through contact with people, animals or objects that have already been infested or exposed to other infested items.
Although Bed Bugs can harbor pathogens in their bodies, there are currently no documented cases of Bed Bugs transmitting any diseases to humans at this time. For Mattress Infestations: Follow the instructions for Severe Infestation and then put on the All Stop Disposable Mattress Cover on your bed. As with all bed bug infestations you might not notice the beginning signs of a growing bed bug problem before it is too late.

Bed bug feces are very small and ranges is size from the head of a pin for Adult bed bug feces to the of a tip of a pen for young nymphs.
Bed Bugs are most often found in the folds and crevices of mattresses, bedding and carpets.
They can sometimes be spotted hiding in the crevices of items that have been infested, such as mattresses, pillows or blankets.
However, lab tests have found that Bed Bugs can carry the causative agents for anthrax, plague, typhus, tularemia, yellow fever and numerous other blood infesting disease organisms. This will provide a barrier between you and the bed bugs, while ensuring that they will be unable to escape into your environment.
When bedbugs first infest your bedroom, the number of bites will be very low and infrequent. Many times very small traces of bed bug poop can be found where they have fed between you and your bed. While bed bugs are frequently found in beds, they may also be found in the crevices of the walls and the floor. Bed bugs can easily go months between meals, and one good feeding will give them the time and energy they need to start reproducing. The eggs are a milky white color and can be stuck underneath mattresses or may also be found in shelves or in books that are close to the bed, in clothing, or even under nightstand drawers or anywhere close to the bed. When nymphs have had their first meal you can clearly see the blood inside of the nymphs body.

Bed bug feces will also be noticeable in between your sheets and your mattress and box spring. Because Bed Bugs can survive for more than a year without feeding, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.
As shown in the picture to the right you want to check for the first signs of a growing bed bug problem.
The first sign for many will be blood stains, this is due to the fact that many people do not react in a severe way to bed bug bites. Like a mosquito bite, the bed bug bite is an allergic reaction; some people, who are not allergic, see no bites at all. Due to their small size some bed bug extermination companies are now using dogs to smell out bed bugs in a home or apartment.
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