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Understanding the different breeding sources for the flies will help you identify and manage the infestations.
Drain flies: Drain Flies breed in drains, sewers, septic tanks and soil that has been contaminated with sewage. Phorid Flies: Phorid Flies are found in sewage contaminated soil, garbage, drains, human cadavers, rotting vegetables and fruit, garbage as well as damp organic materials. Sphaerocerid Flies: These flies may be found in manure, damp organic material, drains, rotting fruits and vegetables and garbage. Sometimes, drain flies (moth flies) can come from under slab floors from a drain pipe that has broken. If the suspicion is strong enough that drain flies are breeding under a slab, a hole must be broken through the slab to see if indeed a pipe has broken and flies are breeding there. Sump pump pits and sewers are usually found in a basement area and also prime breeding sites for drain flies (moth flies), particularly in commercial buildings. In homes, drain flies are generally found breeding in bathroom drains, particularly those in showers. Drain flies, or moth flies, can be found in moist, highly organic debris areas such as sink drains, moist mops, sewage treatment facilities, storm drains, dung and rotten vegetation.
The top fly light traps recommended to catch drain flies and other smaller flies are the Aura Decorative Fly Light Trap or the Nectar Fly Light Trap. Get rid drain flies - drain fly control products - youtube, Do it yourself pest control discusses the latest drain sanitation products. How rid fruit drain flies naturally -diy, And effective way to get rid of fruit flies and drain flies. Get rid drain flies (psychodidae), Get rid drain flies moth flies sewer gnats, check water trays house plants drain watering plants..

How rid drain flies (pest control) - videojug, Watch video learn rid drain flies. How rid cutting board odors, Whatever type of cutting board you choose, buy the most expensive one you can afford. How rid mice apartment ratings, Ok, maybe your roommate really didn’t eat those chocolate chip cookies you had been craving all day. How rid mold smell front loader washing machine, Edit article rid mold smell front loader washing machine. Question: I have gnats, I think, and I want to know how to get rid of them or how much it would be for you to get rid of them. If the drain flies get stuck on the tape as they exit the drain, you know you have drain flies.
The sewers and pump pits need to be checked for activity even if it is not close to where the moth flies have been seen flying.
In most cases where moth flies are breeding in this area, adult flies will begin emerging from the hole within minutes. Both of these traps have patented green bulbs with a light spectrum range to attract the smaller flies. If the flies are small, black, and flying around windows or potted plants; then they are probably fungus gnats. If the flies are small, light brown and seem to be attracted to places in the kitchen, then they are probably fruit flies.
If the flies are small, light brown to black, and have a rather jerky or erratic walking behavior when they are on a surface (they run in a zig-zag rather than a straight line) then they may be phorid flies.
Adult flies then enter the living space above the slab through cracks in the slab and back through the drain pipe.

Drain flies are strongly attracted to light and will fly to the hole drilled through the wall.
To control these flies you have to start with the removal of overripe fruit and vegetables; this is where the larvae live. We recently bought two new house plants and it seems that most of the flies are in the same room. They seem to come from nowhere and we don”t know how to get rid of them without getting rid of our plants or destroying them in the process.
To remove the adults, which can live for a few weeks, you can place a small amount of vinegar in a shallow pan, and place this pan in locations where the flies are common. They are similar in size to fruit flies, but the walking separates them, and they seem to be active at night, while fruit flies are not. I even had them during this past winter when I opened my window “just a little bit.” I don”t want to be turning on my air conditioner just to get crisp fresh air!
They are attracted to the vinegar and some may get trapped in the liquid, and you can use an aerosol to spray the others that are waiting there. Phorid flies usually have a direct connection to a broken sewer line (inside or outside the house). Apply using a B&G VersaFoamer HH or sprayer to cracks, crevices and drains where small flies breed.
If these are the flies you have, it is best to get the sewer or septic tank system looked at.

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