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Lemon Juice – Similar to the cinnamon, spray or squeeze some pure lemon juice along the ants trail, particularly concentrating on where they seem to be entering the house.
Vinegar – Vinegar can be used for a multitude of purposes around the house, including getting rid of ants. Coffee Grounds – Try sprinkling used coffee grounds along the ants trail and in the area they seem to be coming in. Of course, while the problem I had with the ants was indoors, these ideas will all work outside also. If you have ever tried any of these methods, or other natural ways to get rid of ants, please share your stories with us. Although, the stories about ants even bigger than cats marching on are not uncommon to us, you will be surprised to know that there are over thousand types of ants in the world. For all the long-haired ladies, dreaming about a chin length bob is often accompanied by being too reluctant to chop off some precious inches from your hair. Just the idea of knowing that someone cares and loves us is enough to put a little effort into building a gift that’s is really special, all by yourself.
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Approximately 12,000 species of ants colonize the world, with only a handful of species making a nuisance of themselves in the average home. Before reaching for the traps, sprays or natural ant killers, it’s important to make your home as unappealing to ants as possible. Assuming you do have ants and not termites, there are many natural ways to get rid of ants. Cinnamon: Cinnamon, the spice found in your pantry or the grocery store, can be sprinkled around scent trails and baseboards to ward off ants naturally. Diatomaceous earth: Diatomaceous earth is a natural home and garden product that kills all types of insects without harming people, pets or the environment when used as directed. Wash away the scent trails: Ants use invisible scent trails like street signs to guide their companions to food sources. Castile soap spray: Castile soap is an old-fashioned remedy that you can use in a spray to kill ants naturally. Most of the natural ways to get rid of ants mentioned in the 10 natural ant killers above will kill visible ants but won’t get rid of ants permanently. Bait traps attract worker ants, who take the bait back to their colonies to feed the queen and other ants.

Ants outdoors are generally considered beneficial, however if you’re having problems with ants, our Ant & Roach Killer Aerosol can be used to fight ants outdoors as well!
While I could have gone out and spent a lot of money on chemical treatments that may or may not work, I wanted to try some more natural ways to get rid of ants first; plus, with the nearest store more than 20 miles away, I was hoping to use something that I already had at home. Cinnamon has always done the trick for me, but any of these are great alternatives to using expensive chemicals.
If that’s how it is, then you may have became one of those people who are looking out for a solution to get rid of ants and prevent the food in your house from spoiling. No matter what species haunts your home, you can get rid of them without using any chemical methods that despite of being effective, can be highly unsafe or allergic for you and your kids. Then soak the Borax mixture up with cotton balls and place those cotton balls near any trails the ants have established in your home. Ants seek food and water sources, marking their trails using scent chemicals to guide other ants from their colony to a good supply source. A good household floor cleaner with a strong scent, such as a pine or citrus-scented cleaner, not only removes food particles that ants feed upon but also disrupts their ability to find the food through scent. If your cats are grazers instead of guzzlers and like to eat a little at a time, place their bowl in a shallow dish or pie pan filled with water. Mix equal amounts of common white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray areas where ants enter the home.
If one ant finds a juicy supply, such as your dog’s food bowl or your kitchen garbage can, it will lay down a scent trail to help the rest of the colony find their way.
You can find cakes of castile soap in natural health food stores or some old-fashioned general stores.
Because you prepare and store food in the kitchen, you shouldn’t use typical store-bought poisons. Some such as cornmeal and chalk repel ants, which may force the colony to relocate if it can’t get enough food. These traps, such as these Safer® Brand Organic Products for Ant Control, are excellent choices for killing ants in the house. At certain times of the year, males emerge from the colony along with a queen. They mate, then shed their wings. However, we will review all comments before they go live, and will not post any that are inappropriate or offensive. Even worse than that, if they discover the smallest tidbit of food, they will return and bring a whole bunch of their friends with them.
It’s simply a sign of ants’ tenacity and survival instincts helping them adapt to the modern age. If you see insects flying around your home, and you aren’t sure if they are termites or ants, try catching one and looking at it under a magnifying glass. Keep your kitchen and food preparation areas, including the sink and sink trap, as clean as possible.
If ants have gotten into food stored in your pantry, such as bags of sugar or boxes of cereal, discard them immediately.

A little rim of water around the food bowl won’t deter kitty from eating but will drown any ants foolish enough to attempt to cross the water barrier.
Repot your plant in clean, sterile soil and wash the pot thoroughly in a solution of water with a splash of bleach mixed in.
When ground into a fine powder, it contains miniscule sharp points, which cut into insects and kill them. Some natural sprays, such as the one mentioned above that contains tea tree oil, should not be used near food-preparation areas since undiluted tea tree oil can be harmful if ingested. Bait traps are safe to use around the kitchen and in other areas of your home since the bait isn’t exposed to people or pets, just to ants. We will only post comments that relate to the subjects covered by this blog, and may need to edit some of the comments from time to time. She prepares the colony and sheds her wings, then produces eggs to set up housekeeping in the new colony. Most ants live outdoors and simply find an easy entrance point into a home where food and water are abundant. Look around the baseboards, doors and windows to find where the ants are getting into your home, then seal these areas.
Store sugar, cereals, grains and other food that tempt ants in air-tight plastic or glass bins. Rinse before planting your houseplants to remove any trace of bleach.  Use your hose or the spray unit on your kitchen faucet to wash the plant’s leaves to remove any ants hiding under the leaves.
Fill a pail with warm water and a squirt of dish soap, then wash the area where you see the ants traveling to and from the food source. Try some of the natural remedies and follow up with Safer® Brand ant killer products to eliminate ants from your home.
Please understand that comments posted to this site do not represent the opinions of Safer® Brand. A few species, such as carpenter ants, nest inside wood and can weaken beams and wooden structures from their tunneling activities.
Discouraging them from one area may simply give them an incentive to find a new place to enter your home or seek food.
You just pick up the trap and throw it out when it’s full or you’ve seen the last of the ants. If the ants return, employ the same trick used to safeguard your pet’s food bowl to guard your plants against an ant invasion. Bronner’s liquid soap is a castile soap product that is often recommended for natural ant killer sprays. A bonus is extra humidity around your house plant — except for cactus and other succulents, most houseplants like the extra humidity!

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