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Answers to your questions about gardening, energy, homesteading and other sustainable living topics. If you have just one or two fire ant mounds in your garden or landscape and not a widespread problem, you can do a couple of things.
For an even more effective way to get rid of fire ants, drench the mounds with a citrus oil and soap solution, a combination that’s repeatedly proved effective.
Drought makes these ants even more voracious, as it prompts them to turn to garden crops for moisture.

Foraging ants will carry the spinosad granules back to their nest, and the granules will kill the colony within a few days to a few weeks. She has edited or co-authored seven books on gardening, and lives and works from her home in northwestern Montana. A compound in citrus oil, d-limonene, breaks down the ants’ exoskeletons and causes them to suffocate. For best results, apply fresh granules when ants are active (when the soil temperature is between 70 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and rain is not in the forecast.

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