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A: The best place to look for signs of bed bugs, and also to swab for DNA testing include around the seams of the mattress, the edges of the box springs or bed rails, behind the head board and on the floor or baseboards under the head of the bed.
Live or dead bugs and exoskeletons shed by growing bed bugs are good indicators of their presence, however many insects can resemble them making identification difficult.
While signs of bed bugs will be found primarily around the bed, any location where you believe you are being bitten (such as the living room couch) are possible places to look for them. Pesticides can be very toxic and dangerous for your family, your pets, and the environment, not to mention very expensive. Forensic techniques can determine who licked the stamp on an envelope 50 years ago, diagnose infectious diseases, and now be used to identify bed bugs in your home. Some people never experience the red irritation and itching that accompanies most bed bug bites, where as other may have extreme reactions.

If you move or roll on them during the night you could crush them, resulting in tiny blood spots on your bedding. Being nocturnal, bed bugs return to the security of a dark, cool hiding place immediately after feeding, and remain there until it is time to feed again. Hiding places include bed rails, under mattresses and box springs, behind headboards and in cracks and crevices in walls, baseboards, carpeting and more. DNA from bed bugs can be found in or on their bodies, from shed cells and even in their droppings. Also, placing dry ice or other forms of carbon dioxide to attract them will not work if the bugs are not hungry or in near proximity. A single bed bug is considered an infestation and rarely, if ever, are hundreds or thousands encountered in a single location.

A female bed bug must be several months old before it can breed, and will lay only a single egg per day over a period of several months.
A dry, sterile swab, such as a clean cotton swab or make-up applicator, rubbed across areas where the bed bugs have been can collect their DNA.

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