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Below is a list of some of the more common parasites to avoid at home and around the world, along with some expert advice on how to rid yourself of the worms.
For a spare few aficionados of raw fish, the delicacy they love can lead to a very unwelcome visitor -- the kind that takes up residence in your intestines. But when Nakaji cut into Alvarez's brain to extract what he thought was a tumor, he instead found a parasite living in her brain -- a tapeworm called Taenia solium, to be precise.
At least one Manhattan pest control professional agreed at the time that bedbug infestation had been a growing problem in the city's subway system. Efforts to track the critters have revealed that, after a long decline, bedbugs have rebounded in the United States in recent years.

And where people are, the bugs are sure to follow, said Cindy Mannes, spokeswoman for the National Pest Management Association. But Edward Brownbear, lead education instructor for the housing department and the city's top bedbug authority, reportedly said that he himself had seen the bugs on the wooden benches of Manhattan's Union Square station and The Bronx's Fordham Road station -- as well as on the clothing of a passenger on a train.
Bednets, insecticides and inexpensive antimalarial drugs all go a long way in the areas where it still threatens humans, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. And if this parasite enters the bloodstream -- perhaps when a sleeping victim wakes up and inadvertently rubs it into the new, itchy wound left by the beetle -- it can lead to Chagas disease, an infection that is both lifelong and life-threatening. Exactly how many in the country are infected is a matter of contention; estimates range from a few thousand to up to a million.

Public Health Service, bedbugs are known to carry dozens of infectious diseases, from smallpox to the flu.

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