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As I've discussed repeatedly, it's pointless to start killing the rats in your house until you've first solved the root problem - the openings they are using to get inside. How to kill a rat in your house - I said above that no one is going to shoot rats, but from time to time I do, with an air-powered bb gun.
Rat damage photos - just so you know what they are capable of, and so you can see the signs. Although I wrote this site with rats in mind, such as the Roof Rat and Norway Rat, the same principles apply to other rodents, such as the house mouse.
Trapping is the most effective form of killing mice, as it means dangerous poisons and toxins are avoided. Step 2 - Find out how the rats are getting inside the building - this is the most important thing to do! Step 5 - Check the traps every day, remove and throw out all trapped rats, and reset the traps. 2) removal of rats from house - If they are in the living space of the house, set the traps in a safe place.
9) trapping rats in attic - Look for the paths, trails, and rat burrows in the insulation, and set the traps on these areas. 10) How to remove rats from basement - Same as anywhere else in the house - first close off access holes, then set snap traps. 11) rats and nests - They do have nests of baby rats in the attic - the nests are made out of insulation or plant debris.
12) remove rats from roof - You can actually set traps right on the roof - be sure to drill wooden traps into the roof. 15) remove rats in walls - If it's a dead rat or a nest in the walls, you've got to cut a hole open to access it.
18) rat diseases in attic - Rats spread several diseases, and that's why it's important to clean up rat droppings after you catch and remove them.
21) How to remove rats from crawl space - You can set traps in the crawl space, but as usual, denying them access with an exclusion barrier is the best option.

22) how to capture a rat that lives in my house - You can capture it with a variety of traps, but I like snap traps best, because they are most effective.
23) How to remove rats from garage - Find the openings, probably at the lower corners of the garage door, and set traps there, and seal those areas shut, if possible. 25) can rodent in attic chew into the house - Yes, they can easily chew through drywall, but it doesn't happen often.
27) removing mouse from your house - The House Mouse is harder than the Brown or Black Rat because it can sneak into the house via smaller holes. 32) rodent removal from residence - If it's in your apartment or loft, you can try to follow the steps at the top of this page, or call a pro. 38) where can you get a trap for a mouse in the attic - They are sold all over the place, in department or hardware stores, like Wal-Mart or Home Depot or Sears or wherever. 40) what to do with caught rodent - If you've live trapped it, you can relocate it aways away from your house, I guess. 44) removal of rodents in crawl spaces of house - If by crawlspace you mean under the house, seal all crawl space vents, and set traps in areas of high activity.
46) pregnant rodents in my attic - Rats have eight litters of young per year - if they live a year, that is, which is rare. 51) How to remove rats from mobile home - There's a good chance they're getting in from the bottom, so get down and dirty and under the mobile house and find those entry holes and seal 'em! The only downside of this method is that they will die of internal bleeding somewhere in your house, and it’s your job to find them before they stink the whole place up. Placing snap traps right in their path will increase the chances of them getting caught.  Oh yes, use a full-size rat trap, one that can break your finger, not a puny little mouse trap. You can release the live rat outside your house if you can’t bear to kill it.  The rat will probably sneak its way back in so it’s really up to you.
How to get rid of rats in the barn or shed or other outdoor building - these outdoor structures can be trickier, because they're not as easy to seal, especially something like a barn. If not, you'll just have to do your best to keep the building as clean as you can, to eliminate attractive factors, and maintain a trapping program.

How do you get rid of rats in the crawl space, attic, walls or ceiling - it's more likely for the Roof Rat, also known as the Black Rat, rattus rattus, to be in the upper structures of a home. How to get rid of rodents in the house or home - if you're talking about the living area, and not part of the architecture, like the walls or attic, then you've got to be careful where you set traps. How to get rid of rats in a mobile home, RV, or trailer - this can be tricky, because you're talking about an elevated structure. How to get rid of rats running on the roof - I've used snap traps on roofs plenty of times, and caught plenty of rats. How do you get rid of rodents in the back yard, garden, or trees - you can't really do much. How to get rid of rats in the pipes, plumbing or toilet - actually, most of the problems with rats in toilets or plumbing pipes are in inactive pipes without water. Rats chew on wires, make a lot of noise running around and scratching, and can spread disease.
Email me if you have any questions about how to kill a mouse, mouse killing methods, how to kill mice, or any other advice on how to kill rodents. After you've sealed the house shut so that no more mice can get in, set the traps in the areas you hear and see mouse activity in the form of droppings. Checks can also be made to ensure that the mouse is dead, and the body can be disposed of promptly before it begins to rot and cause a smell.
You can use live cage traps, but they don't work very well, and relocating live rats isn't a good idea. The carcasses can also present a risk to other wildlife such as birds that may eat the poisoned mouse and in turn be poisoned themselves. Having decaying bodies in your home can cause an awful odor as well as release toxins into the air.

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