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Indigo_Skye(7 (Taylors, SC))hortster, I really don't mind spiders and like I said I grew up in Florida so we welcomed the common wolf spiders in the home because you knew that you wouldn't have a roach or palmetto bug problem. Around here we sweep away the webs every week, or more often as necessary, and otherwise do not get overly anxious about them.
Repeat the effort as needed on the porch and you may be able to discourage them from that area.
Indigo_Skye(7 (Taylors, SC))Well I don't think these spiders like the light all that much.
But I am having a serious issue, and have for many years now, with spiders and their webs all over everything! Keep in mind, however, that spiders are, for the most part, passive insect controllers, they weave a web in hopes of capturing some food.
I am not a spider lover so when I found the big ones, my hubby would carry them across the street in a jar and put them in the corn field.

My porch and all the furniture and plants, plants and trees around my house and yard and ESPECIALLY my garage where they seem to have developed The Spider Hilton!. Sounds like you're stuck with nature's best insect control (the spiders) unless you chemically inundate your yard and your surrounding area!
My plants suffer from all of the thick nest they are creating and I can't even enjoy sitting on the porch because they are all over that as well.
One major problem is that most of us were brought up believing the presence of spider webs indicate either someone that was not a good housekeeper or was a witch.
At the beginning of spring I took everything off of the porch and scrubbed it down from ceiling to flooring. Next I sprayed all around the perimeter of the house, especially the porch where I like to sit and around the plants and flower beds around the house. The porch lights are on a sensor only when I'm off and don't expect to get back before dark.

This one's web was in a leaf of our lime tree which is young and has less leaves, so it was easier to spot the spider. If you have exterior lighting you keep on every night, you may be encouraging a lot of insect around your porch that the spiders find suitable for their diet.
That could help with the porch issue if you do not keep decorative or yard lights on unless you really need to use them.

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