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This technique works because the roaches are attracted to the sugar, and when the consuming it they also consume the borax. Place baits or containers all over infested area in every room you have ever seen a roach, especially in high-traffic areas. Update: I noticed recently that Combat sells covered gel baits called Source Kill that attract roaches and kill them off over time using the exact same idea Billy used.
The containers will house the paste so that you can use them freely throughout your home without worry that your pets will be able to eat it.

Place baits near openings and places where roaches live and hide, such as electrical plug holes, the stove, on back splashes, near vents, in nooks and crannies, near electronics, near sinks, and in cupboards. In it they tackled a bad infestation by first spraying roaches with a spray (containing pyrethrin & piperonyl butoxide) to get the volume down and then used a gel bait (containing abamectin) to kill them all off over time, which is key.
The roaches will track it around-this is why I think peanut butter is so great- and contaminate others it comes in contact with. It will work if fresh paste (not hardened, but gooey) is constantly available as the roaches food source.

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