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An important step for eliminating bed bugs is to assess the severity of your bed bug infestation.
Check the sheets, bed frames and mattresses for stains – bed bugs sometimes leave small reddish-brown smears of digested blood as they crawl along the sheets. Check fabric folds and edges on and around the bedding – check sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, slippers and other items on or around the bed for bugs and signs of bugs.
Remove the bedding and sheets and inspect the mattress – the most common hiding spot is underneath the fold of a pillow-top mattress or under the edging material. Remove the box spring and inspect the bed frame and headboard - all bed frames are different but do have similar hiding places. Check around the bed and the rest of the house - bed bugs are small and could be hiding in innumerable places – side table, book shelf, dresser, clutter, shoes or slippers, boxes, bags or luggage, baseboards, moldings, picture frames, alarm clock radio or electronics, etc. High temperatures are very effective for killing all stages of bed bugs – live bugs as well as eggs, which are the hardest to kill. Heaters – turning up your thermostat or space heaters will not produce enough heat to kill bed bugs.
Sucking up bugs is a quick way to get them off your bed – but be sure to empty and sanitize the vacuum so the bugs don’t crawl back out. Bed bugs are just as likely to hide around the bed as they are to be on a mattress, box spring or bed frame. Encasements are useful from protecting a mattress from bed bugs, but are not helpful for controlling an infestation. In our experience, residual pesticides are the best way to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Note: Fumigation is not to be confused with “fogging” (or “bombing”) which involves the use of an insecticide “bomb” which releases a fog or mist that kills exposed bugs.
An increasingly prominent infestation, bed bugs have caused many people such as yourself a number of annoyances and health problems.
If you are concerned about bed bugs and other pests in your home, or to inquire about our other services, contact Blue Ridge Termite and Pest today!
Termite ControlBlue Ridge Termite & Pest offers Termite Control services in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Learn MoreMold RemediationMold Remediation is among the most important services that Blue Ridge Termite & Pest provides to our customers. Learn MoreInspectionsBlue Ridge Termite & Pest Management Group provides trustworthy Home Inspection visits as part of our all-inclusive services. The heat from a dryer on an extended cycle on high heat setting is sure to kill anything present – live bugs as well as any. The hot steam will kill anything it reaches but the limitation is that you will need other methods to kill bugs hiding in “unsteamable” areas. There is much debate among entomologists as to the necessary temperature and length of time necessary to fully kill all bugs and eggs present, but anecdotal evidence shows that a few days in freezing cold temperature will indeed kill bugs. Again, required temperature and time are debatable but freezing cold temperatures do kill bed bugs. Vacuuming is not effective for picking up eggs because bed bugs cement the eggs to the surface on which they are laid.

Throwing out items will eliminate any live bugs and eggs contained within those items from your home. Bed bugs are just as likely to live on the bed frame or area around the bed as they are to be on a mattress – or on the mattress cover itself, after it is installed. Either by putting the bed legs in dishes or by using double-sided tape or another sticky material. The degree to which an insecticide kills on contact versus leaving a toxic residue (residual) is a very important factor in the control of bed bugs. It is effective for bed bug elimination, but fairly uncommon given the expense and disadvantages of the process.
Fogging is generally ineffective for bed bug control because the fog does not penetrate deep enough into the bugs’ hiding places.
There have been a tragic news headlines of foolish people burning down their homes from employing this ridiculous DIY technique. As a top rated bed bug exterminator in Charlottesville, Virginia, you can be confident that you’re hiring the most qualified people for the job. By understanding the habits of these critters, we will effectively reclaim your home, allowing you to sleep sound without wondering when you’ll become the next meal for some unfriendly parasites. Moreover, to keep it green in the Blue Ridge, we have the option to use organic, environmentally friendly pesticides where applicable.
No matter how minor or severe the infestation, rest assured that our expert Termite Control specialists have the skills to quickly eradicate your pest problem. When you suspect your home or business has become infested with termites, mold, bugs, or other pests, call on a company you can trust to assess the problem with an Inspection that doesn’t miss a single nook or cranny.
There are many do-it-yourself techniques and consumer-grade products that are effective for killing individual bugs – however, do-it-yourself methods are not effective for eliminating a bed bug infestation. First, you need to know what to look for – adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and similar in shape and color.
Killing bugs immediately will not only keep them from biting you but will also keep them from reproducing and spreading. The dryer is also helpful for treating anything that cannot be run through the wash such as quilts, stuffed animals, slippers, shoes, bags, etc. The added drawback of a mattress encasement is that it may trap any bed bugs inside, away from residual pesticides that an exterminator might use to kill them.
Almost all insecticides will kill bugs on contact but few (and virtually no consumer-grade products) have any residual property.
They are not effective for bed bug control because bugs that cannot be sprayed directly will survive. It may even drive bugs that it does not kill further into hiding or into adjacent units, spreading the problem. If we determine that you need to utilize one of our green pest removal or mold remediation services, we will schedule a time to return with a crew of specialists who can solve the problem quickly. A flushing agent such Wilson Pro Aerosol may be used to coax bugs out of their hiding spots. Bed bugs have the capacity to live for long periods of time (some entomologists say up to one year) without biting – covering your mattress puts you at risk of reinfestation if a bug is trapped inside and the encasement rips or opens sometime in the future.

Sticky glue-traps (usually designed for mice) are another readily-available tool that can be placed under bed legs to act as a barrier. Controlled pesticides that are available only to properly insured and licensed pest control companies are necessary for elimination of a bed bug infestation.
Be sure to keep the bed away from the walls and the sheets and blankets from touching the floor or walll, otherwise bed bugs may circumvent the barrier. Be prepared, because they will not leave without a fight!Secondly, DIY bed bug control has gotten a bad rap due to cases of people misusing pesticides, or extreme cases of people setting their houses on fire.
These can be placed in plastic bags and (depending on the items) treated with heat or cold (see below). Keep in mind, you need a week of temperatures below -10 °C to kill all life stages of the bed bug, or -32 °C for half an hour.
Also, if you live in a multidwelling building, it will prevent bed bugs coming from or going to your neighbours. In this step we will be creating glue moats that catch bed bugs that try to climb into your bed. This step may vary depending on the type of bed that you have.If your bed has legs, place a mouse glue board under each leg. Use vegetable oil to disolve the glue if you need to un-stick something.) To avoid getting the glue board permanently stuck to your bed's legs, cover the legs first with plastic wrap and tape (like little boots).
You can save time cleaning the mattress and box-spring using mattress and box-spring covers (the kind that encases the whole mattress). When you are done treating the bed, reassemble it, making sure it is properly isolated with the glue traps.
Make sure there is no other way for a crawling bed bug to climb into the bed (such as bed skirts, or blankets touching the floor). The glue traps will help protect the bed you spent so long cleaning, and kill bed bugs that try to climb in. Repitition: Unfortunately, even with all the cleaning, there is a good chance there are still bed bugs in the room, or even in the bed. For this reason, you will want to repeat step 6 as much as possible, untill you stop finding bed bugs in the traps, and stop getting bites at night.
I suggest you repeat step 6 two more times after you feel you killed all the bed bugs.So there you have it, DIY bed bug control. It's important to remember, bed bugs only feed on blood, so they will always try to get into your bed where you sleep. By isolating and sterilizing your bed, you make your bed safe to sleep in, and trap bed bugs looking for their next meal. The GoodKnight makes it easy to heat-sterilize the bed, and has a built-in trapping system, so you can have permanent protection from bed bugs.

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