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Because of their small size bed bugs can easily hitch a ride on birds, animals or human clothing and luggage. Bed bugs are sneaky creatures that unexpectedly come into your home and lay eggs in hidden locations and bite you while you sleep. Many of the methods to get rid of bed bugs can be easily found in your home and local home improvement stores.
After you have cleaned items, placing them in an oxygen free environment will kill off any remaining bed bugs. Using a licensed pest control agent can ensure that you get an effective treatment plan that kills bed bugs and their eggs. There are insecticides you can purchase anywhere bug repellent is sold, however finding exactly what you need to get rid of bed bugs can take some time.
We know that heat is a good method of killing bed bugs but a lesser known form of heat that works as well is steam. A steam vacuum is a great heat alternative to kill bed bugs when you don’t want to damage certain materials.
Permethrin is a commonly used household pesticide often found in bed bug sprays, dusts and powders.
Bed bug bites can vary tremendously when it comes to appearance from one person to another. Use one of the 3 methods to truly determine if you have bed bugs if you can’t simply inspect your mattress with a flashlight and magnifying glass and blatantly see the bugs. Also one very important point about bed bug bites is that some people are completely immune to the bites like I was. Meanwhile because I never appeared to have bites or itch I disregarded the possibility of bed bugs. So see more pics of bites below and be wary of itchy bites that seem to be coming in bunches and consistent for days.

Protecting your mattress from fluids, invading bed bugs and dust mites requires more than just your average zippered box spring encasement Buy Now . Before you even realize you have a bed bug bite, you can have an infestation all over your home.
Although spotting them is difficult you will be pleased to learn that there are several effective methods for killing bed bugs. Direct heat aimed at the bed bugs or eggs—for a minimum of 30 seconds—will kill them on the spot and prevent the eggs from hatching. However hiring a professional requires a significant amount of money that includes follow up visits without any guarantee. Insecticides intended for ants, mosquitoes or cockroaches will not work; it must be specifically for bed bugs. A steam vacuum is a great way to kill bed bugs taking up residence on hard to wash items such as curtains, couch skirts and corners. This is especially true of fine fabrics such as lace or silk; you can get rid of the bed bug infestation without damaging the fabric. If you’re looking for a chemical treatment plan to get rid of bed bugs, make sure the products you choose contain this ingredient.
This chemical is relatively safe and has a lower evaporation rate than other chemicals found in bed bug repellent.
There are a number of variables that determine the look but it predominently boils down to how sensitive your skin is and how your body reacts to them.  However the most common bed bug bites look very much like mosquito bites. They look like little cups and are coated so bed bugs moving up and down your bed will become trapped and unable to escape the slippery sloped walls of the traps. This pulls the bugs into the traps that contain a sticky pad and prevents the bugs from escaping. Homeowners sometimes have the misconception that bed bugs are too small to see with the naked eye.

In general bed bugs don’t have a preference as long as they have a warm place to stay and a source of blood to feed on. Ignore the problem of bed bugs will not make them go away, however knowing what kills bed bugs can help you get a jump start on eliminating them from your home. This is why most bed bug treatment plans involve placing infected items in plastic bags or large encasements.
Using this chemical to kill bed bugs requires that you spray all the rooms on the same day so there is no “safe zone” for the bed bugs to flee to. These tend to get pricey so I never bit the bullet but the most reasonable priced one that gets great reviews is the Bed Bug Beacon. It’s extremely difficult to identify the difference between mosquito bites and bed bugs unless you have a severe reaction. I’ve also heard people creating their own makeshift versions using plastic bottles and coating them with baby powder so the bugs cannot escape.
I use these consistently even many years after my bed bug infestation to ensure a reinfestation never takes me by surprise.
Female bed bugs can lay up to 400 eggs per day so a small problem can become a monster very quickly.
That is why bed bug detection devices and traps are imperative to definitively determining if you indeed have bed bugs.  I recommend using 1 of these 3 detection methods.

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