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If you find any crawling about, just leave your hand near them-- it's pretty much diagnostic if they begin feeding, they are bed bugs.
Bed bugs are not thinking (to associate with them a human process) that because I can go without eating (depending on ambient conditions of temp) for many weeks, I will not eat now even though the food source is right in front of me. You may want to get out a ruler so that you can see just how small 5mm really is.  Here is a nice close up of one of these nasty little guys getting ready to dig in!

Bed bug bites can show a wide variety of symptoms depending on the person.  This is one reason the bites are so hard to diagnose, even by a doctor. However, the warmth of human bodies, the carbon dioxide we exhale adn teh creatures’ noturnal nature mean bed bugs are most active around beds at night and lay dormant in cracks and crevices during the day.

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