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Category: How To Get Rid Of Fleas In House | 27.05.2014
Well anyway, there was a lady at the grocery store buying fly traps the other day {ewwww} and the cashier was telling her about how she uses apple cider vinegar to get rid of the fruit fly infestation at her house every summer.
I also did a little research on fruit flies and found out they have a great sense of smell, DUH!, and they either come in with your fruit or through the smallest crack around a door or through your screens. If I end up with fruit flies I don not bother with the wrap, just put cider vinegar and a bit of dish detergent in a small bowl, like a 4oz Pyrex custard cup works great.

I use a cup of pickle juice and just leave it on the counter I couldn’t believe how many were in the cup the next day!
I was wondering if you have any tips for getting rid of ants… we have done EVERYTHING we can think of and nothing seems to get rid of the ones coming in since it started warming up! I have dogs and no matter how many times a day I clean thoroughly the area (at least three), the nasty flies are always around.

I’ll try it right away of course; let me tell ya, flies are going straigh to a sweet end!!!

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