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The hit Broadway production Of Mice and Men, filmed on stage in New York by National Theatre Live, comes to UK cinemas.
House mice breed throughout the year and can become pregnant within 48 hours of producing a litter. Mice normally feed 15 to 20 times per day and will eat pretty much anything a human will eat. They have to consume about 10% to 15% of their body weight every 24 hours and require extremely small amounts of water.
Mice droppings sometimes are confused with droppings from the larger species of roaches, such as the American roach. In six months, one pair of mice can eat about 4 pounds of food and during that period produce some 18,000 faecal droppings. Mice may infect food with their urine and droppings transmitting such organisms as salmonella and the microscopic eggs of tapeworms. In the great mice plagues of 1916 and 1917 in Australia, a report is made of a farmer who baited for mice and picked up 28,000 dead on his veranda the following morning, and only stopped "because he was tired".
My Pest Control Telford will ensure the eradication of mice from your home or business and also give advice on future prevention. Paedophile mice are turned off launching sexual attacks by the tears of their potential victims, scientists have found. The tears of baby mice contain a chemical that puts off sex-mad males, according to new research. A similar response was seen when young mice were prevented from producing ESP22 in their tears. Adult mice detect the chemical through their vomeronasal organ, a smell sensor in the nasal cavity designed to pick up pheromones.

There are many different types of mice, although you will only own fancy mice at pets it is still interesting to know about other types.
The house mouse (Mus domesticus) is one of our most familiar mammals, but one that has had a decidedly mixed press.
The house mouse is not a native British species, but an ancient introduction to this country.
House mice in Britain struggle to survive away from humans, losing out to competition from wood mice and other small mammals in the countryside. Given their adaptability and association with humans one would expect house mice to be among our commoner ‘wild’ mammals, and this is true, though their ability to breed quickly and exploit short-lived habitats makes it impossible to estimate numbers accurately. As long as humans create waste – a situation that seems unlikely to change in the foreseeable future – around our farms, refuse tips, towns and cities, we will probably continue to provide food and habitats for house mice.  In doing so we continue an unintentional association between man and mouse that goes back almost 10,000 years.
Please submit records of house mice to help map their distribution and get a better idea of where they are thriving and declining. Amuse your family and friends with our wonderful collection of vinyl wall art skirting board mice.
To enable you to choose which mice you want and which accessories you want to include we’ve done a base set of various mice with scenarios that you can place them in. If your mouse problem is more significant than one or two mice then you probably have a problem that is bigger than just you can handle. Golden Globe® winner and Academy Award® nominee James Franco (127 Hours, Milk) and Tony Award® nominee Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, Girls) star in the highly-anticipated screenings of this ‘riveting, powerful production’ (Independent).
There are usually about 6 mice to a litter and females may produce as many as ten litters (about 50 young) per year.
Mice transmit disease in a number of ways including biting man, infecting human food with their droppings or urine, indirectly via the dog or cat and bloodsucking insects.

Usually, these plagues are terminated by a disease epidemic which quickly reduces the population of mice to normal numbers. House mice are a perennial favourite in children’s stories, such as Beatrix Potter’s Tailor of Gloucester who was helped by an army of little furry seamstresses, and house mice provide some entertainment for commuters on London’s underground, but they can also be a considerable pest.
Originally living in the Asia, house mice evolved to take advantage of the opportunities provided by human habitation, and expanded their range around the Mediterranean with the first farmers.
However, house mice are undoubtedly less common than they used to be historically.  This is partly due to changes in farming (there are accounts of house mice being found in hundreds or even thousands in individual hay stacks), better rodent control methods (though house mice have developed resistance to some poisons), and better mouse-proofing of our food stores and homes. Mouse-proof your home to start off with by not leaving open food packets out to attract them, sealing structural defects in the house and gaps through which they could gain access and making sure that your house is kept clean. While mice are nibblers and feed many times in many places, they have two main feeding periods, at dusk and just before dawn. It is likely that the latter, at least, will continue to limit opportunities for house mice, as policies to improve the energy efficiency of new buildings make them virtually air-tight.
Recent research has shown that house mice may have colonised northern Britain more recently, by stowing away in Viking longships.
If the problem is small, you could try the DIY approach of traps, rodenticides and cleaning your house.

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