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A lot of people believe that mice, unlike their larger cousins the rats, are harmless -- or even cute. Mice are are known to transmit many serious diseases including food poisoning, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, leptospirosis, lyme disease, murine typhus, and the arenaviruses. Mice gnawing on electrical wiring cause many fires every year, as well as numerous outages in telephone, computer data, and other communications networks. Mice can also travel along suspended wires, pipes, and other narrow walkways, can climb vertical surfaces, can swim when necessary, and can jump impressive heights for such small animals.

Mice are herbivores by nature and prefer plant-based foods like cereal grains, chocolate, nuts, fruits, and foods made from these items. Because mice are small, timid, and secretive, quite often we see evidence of a mouse problem before we see the mice themselves.
If you're having problems with mice or have seen evidence of mice, please contact us to speak to a professional exterminator and receive an individual assessment and professional recommendations for eradicating your mouse infestation.
The reality is that mice are filthy animals who transmit serious diseases, and their gnawing causes millions of dollars in property damage -- as well as some lost lives -- every year.

Humans have been trying to rid their homes, barns, and businesses of mice for thousands of years.

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