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House flies tend to stay within 1-2 miles of where they were born but will travel up to 20 miles to find food. For more information on removing unwanted pests from your home, in Knoxville, Sevierville and East Tennessee, contact Johnson Pest Control at 757-453-7587. Flies carry and spread a wide range of gastro enteric illnesses and food poisoning organisms. Bluebottles, Greenbottles and Flesh Flies are characterised by their large size, buzzing flight and iridescent sheen.

Also known as Vinegar flies, these very small, red-eyed flies have a slow hovering flight with their abdomen hanging downwards. Not major disease carriers, but an unacceptable form of contamination in public houses, drinks factories, fruit warehouses, dairies, bottling plants and similar premises. Adult House flies can grow to one-quarter of an inch long and usually live between 15 and 25 days. A prolific breeder and feeder among refuse and excrement from which it flies to human food.

For commercial establishments proofing of window and door openings can keep out adult flies. House flies taste with their feet, which are 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than the human tongue!

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