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House crickets originally lived in southern Europe, northern Africa and in warm parts of Asia. The house cricket (Acheta domesticus or domestica in some publications) is the most preferred species used in commercial production for most parts of the world including Australia (Refer to photo). Jamaican field crickets are similar to the house cricket and are also well suited for cricket production. The house cricket is generally a hardy species that travels well when packaged appropriately and is well suited to commercial production.

There are many species of black crickets and in some countries other closely related native species are bred.
The virus, only affects the Acheta domesticus (house cricket) and has caused cricket deaths across many commercial insect farms. Many countries have a native species of field cricket which are generally well suited to production. The information provided in this manual relates to experience gained with the breeding of the house cricket, which for the most part could be used for other species such as the black cricket.

This species is given its common name due to its habit of living in houses to avoid cold winter temperatures.
Unfortunately measures to contain this virus were largely ineffective and many cricket farmers switched to the virus-resistant Gryllus assimilis (Jamaican Field Cricket).The house cricket is still commonly bred across the world but in some parts of the US you may see more Jamaican field crickets being sold.

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