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A queen bee lays up to 2000 eggs a day (an average of one every 45 seconds) and may lay a million eggs in her entire lifetime.
The queen bee decides to lay a fertilized egg which will be a worker bee or new queen or an unfertilized egg which will develop into a drone. This is not their new home, it is a resting place for honey bees.  If you do nothing, in a few days the honey bees will go away and find a new permanent home. Do not spray honey bees with pesticides or a hose.  It will only make them upset and they may sting you. If you do nothing and leave the honey bees alone, they will go away on their own after a few hours or a few days.
These bees had already started raising baby bees seen in the comb below.  Brian was the lucky one who got to remove this hive.
Beverly Bees rescues and removes honey bees and bumble bees from trees, houses, structures and just about anywhere they are unwanted. The carpenter bee hovers around the upper rooflines of your house and flies in a quick erratic manner. Some of the worst cases of attacks have happened when someone unknowingly runs a lawnmower over a chipmonk burrow that has been taken over by a large underground yellow jacket hive.  They will swarm out and attack you from behind. Massachusetts’ wild animals are beautiful, fascinating and varied, but when a wild animal threatens you, introduces a hazard to your home or commercial space, and damages your property, call us immediately.
We are a full-service network: we trap or remove the animals from your property, clean the biohazard messes they leave behind, repair the areas of the building that the animal damaged, and install blockers if necessary to prevent animals from coming back into your home the same way.
Our specialty is the removal of wild bird's animals or snakes that gain access into your attic, chimney, walls, or crawl space.
The flying bees then land on some object, usually a branch, and the queen’s pheromones direct the bees to gather together and form a tight cluster or ball of bees on that object. Since a swarm is normally only a temporary resting place for bees and they have no brood or hive to defend, bees in a swarm are usually very gentle.

The honey bee is a protected species in Massachusetts, therefore identification is important. To find out more about our bee removal service please visit Bee Swarm Removal Service.  To learn more about bee swarms please see our page on Bee Swarms. Once a queen bee is mated, she keeps the drone's sperm alive inside her for the rest of her life.
Then a few days later, the worker bees start running around and around in the hive, stirring the old queen into a state of excitement. We relocate the honey bees to a place where they will be cared for by a beekeeper and remove wasps and hornets without using pesticides or chemicals. As they collect pollen for their hive the bees bodies transfer it from flower to flower and that's how pollination occurs. The cold start to spring and the sudden burst of summer caused an intense honey flow in many areas and the bees got crowded fast!
Then he took down the comb, placed it into a hive to be reunited with the bees and relocated to a place where it can be cared for by a beekeeper.Once the combs were removed it was easier to see what the bees had anchored them too. If you have unwanted bees and are within an hour of Beverly, Ma please call us at 978-778-8276.
Our services include professional wildlife trapping and removal using phone coaching by using digital pictures sent via e-mail to assist you to resolve your particular bird or animal control problem, preventing damage to your property, home, or business. All at once about half the bees from the colony and the old queen come pouring out the hive entrance, pausing briefly before flying up into the sky in a big, buzzing, whirling, black cloud of bees. The photo below shows a honey bee swarm in the air before they settled down on a nearby tree branch.
Most of the bees and the queen will stay in the cluster during this time and a few bees, called scout bees will be sent out to locate a new place for the colony to live.
Each scout bee dances for their preferred location, convincing more scout bees to go to that location and check it out.

By calling a local beekeeper to capture them, these honey bees will be safely removed and given a new home where they will have a better chance for survival.
Quite artistic bees indeed!After this picture was taken, Brian cleaned off the wax remnants and rescued the remaining bees. There are digger bees that will have interconnected tunnels under leaves in a garden or lawn area.
By calling a beekeeper these honeybees will be safely removed and given a new home where they will have a better chance for survival.  We offer a free honey bee removal service for honey bee swarms in Beverly and Essex County, Middlesex County, Boston and the Greater Boston Area. Upon further inspection it became apparent that this was no honey bee swarm but in fact a thriving honey bee colony that decided to build its nest out in the open.
A bee suit is highly recommended for bald-faced hornet removal work. Its not uncommon for someone to even be stung through a bee suit.
Absconding is different from swarming (although once the bees leave the hive it looks the same) because it is not about the colony reproducing. After agreeing on a new place to live, just as quickly as they came, the group of bees will abandon their temporary resting place to move into their new home. We will capture and relocate honey bees to locations where they will be well cared for by a beekeeper.
This open air bee hive is a rare sight and even rarer here in Massachusetts.Usually honey bees prefer a dark cavity to build their comb inside but these girls chose a bright sunny spot right out in the open. If you have honeybees in your house or a building, please call Beverly Bees 978-778-8276 to discuss your options.
If you get bees inside your house walls this is what the hive looks like inside the walls and it can get much bigger.  Bees can build comb really fast and these girls are evidence of that being here for only a few weeks.

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