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To begin with, these bees had comb running a good 6′ in the tree, in a center cavity about a foot to 14 inches wide. I methodically removed comb, placing it (with rubber bands) in my empty frames and into a hive. A few hours later, I came back to find the bees still in the two sections of the log and also in my hive. At the recent University of Florida Bee College, Nancy Gentry, PR director of Florida State Bee Keepers Association, told me of a tree that had fallen over near the Interlachen Post Office. This was a late season removal so I bought them a box of Honey Super Cell (fully drawn box of plastic frames). This tree was every bit of 3′ in diameter and more when you included the occasional knot. I sort of figured that no hive could survive a lightning strike and these bees must have taken up residence after the tree split.

Somewhere along the line, some homeless guy showed up on a bike and proceeded to give me advice, claiming bees didn’t sting him. I filled up about 6 frames with brood comb and pulled a lot of honey comb and left it offA¬† to the side (I advised the home owner not to eat the stuff, as who knows what the tree service sprayed down there and what was contaminated.) I never saw the queen, but got a lot of it with nurse bees and left it beside one of the split logs. Having been sprayed, these bees were not ideal, but I am game for trying to help any bee along, so I took the job on.
A few minutes after I cut the tree open and started getting comb, he hit the road, cursing about the stings…. I have to stress that doing live removals is more risky, to neighbors, removal specialists and yes, even to the bees.
I was able to get 3 or 4 pounds of bees and left with my hive, setting them up at home when I returned. It takes quite a bit of labor to do a succesful removal and even then, the probability of the bees surviving can be very low due to several factors.

Spring they built up very strong and I didn't check them as often as I should have so they swarmed ( so they gave nature another wild Hive of Honey Bees). It cracked the tree and made it a bit of a hazard to his neighbors and him, so they had a tree removal service come out on Friday to deal with it. Also, performing live removals where African bees are endemic is probably not a very good idea.
After the swarm they went queenless so I ordered 2 queens from Kelley Bees  and I split the remaining hive into two hives so Thanks to Brian Lockhart and the Forestry Service for hiring me were there was one hive now there is 3 and God willing next year it will be 6 hives.

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