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Homemade natural spider repellents may be applied more frequently as they do not contain harsh chemicals that are unsafe for pets or children. To deter spiders from lingering in your garden and flowerbeds, save the peelings from your citrus snacks (lemon peels, orange peels and tangerine peels), tear them into pieces and sprinkle them liberally throughout the flower beds to repel them.
Combine all in a 1 quart spray bottle (available at the dollar store), tighten the cover and shake well to combine.
Thank you, life here in Kentucky is wonderful, full of natures bounty in plants, trees, animals, birds and probably every spider and mosquito known to man.

Here is an easy, do it yourself repellent that will help keep the spiders outside where they belong . To use, apply liberally to areas where spiders have been spotted, particularly along baseboards, corners of the rooms, etc. I have never seen so many different kinds of spiders and bugs in one location in all my life. Around our home we've frequently spotted Black Widows, Brown Widows, Brown Recluse as well as a multitude of harmless garden spiders.

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