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Imported red fire ants are an invasive species from South America, first coming to this country in the 1930’s.
Unlike treating fire ants on your own, or hiring some guy from the feed store to throw bait on your fire ant mounds, Plateau will track and log where we treat IRFAs on your property, making this a favorite compliance activity for landowners in Wildlife Management Valuation. Not only are fire ants a nuisance to humans, but they also impact wildlife including deer, quail, and other ground nesting birds. No, if you are interested in making a real impact on the fire ant infestation to truly benefit the wildlife and their food base on your property, you will need to invest in a more long-term treatment plan.
Scientific research shows that an intensive treatment plan of 2-3 treatments for the first 12 – 18 months and twice annual treatments in Spring and Fall is the best way to control these invaders. Treat in the fall to control ants in spring, and vice versa to control ant populations in the fall. Over the years, we’ve learned that the effectiveness of the very best management practices is improved greatly when neighbors combine forces. Proper treatment of at least 10 acres or 10% ofan infested area per year, whichever is more.

Our technicians survey each property to determine areas that are likely to have a high rate of infestation as well as areas that are most suited for the type of treatment we use. Plateau recommends treating in the fall to control ants in spring, and vice versa to control ant populations in the fall. A good program is both highly effective in treating fire ants, and will benefit native wildlife as well. A professional wildlife management plan will designate an appropriate treatment area and provide guidance on ’proper treatment’ that will protect native wildlife species, their food base, and even native fire ants which help to restrict the spread of imported fire ants. Once a suitable treatment area is located, wildlife field technicians walk the perimeter of that area using a GPS unit to calculate the total acreage.That information is entered onto a field log sheet that can be presented on a map showing the treatment area.
All Plateau wildlife field technicians have training and on-the-ground experience in determining the best place to survey and treat for fire ants based on the specific habitat and terrain of your property.
In addition to documented predation on a wide variety of small animals, research has demonstrated a 75% reduction in insect numbers in areas infested by fire ants. We also have another specialty insecticide available that is an excellent choice for someone looking for a more organic treatment. When you and your neighbor both perform treatment, you have a greater impact on the current infestation and reduce the likelihood of fire ants moving next door only to return over time.

Using an Individual Pest Management approach (individual mound treatments), Plateau technicians identify and treat only imported fire ants without impacting native and beneficial species.
This creates a ripple effect in the ecosystem as a whole, resulting in a shortage of an essential food resource for birds, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals. To encourage this kind of collaboration, we offer a $50 credit to both parties when you and a neighbor both purchase a minimum of 10 acres of fire ant treatment from Plateau. In addition, Plateau operates under a commercial applicator license (TDA #0495003) requiring state-mandated continuing education courses that keep our team up-to-date on the latest and best practices for treating fire ants.

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