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Lemongrass Powder of lemongrass is an effective home remedy used to kill bed bugs and their eggs, both. Effective Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs Common in hospital beds and shelters, bed bugs are a worrying factor if it transmits to your house bedding. The powder is known to dehydrate the bugs effectively and immediately but it is not effective in eliminating bug eggs. Known for their anecdotal effects, these oils are very effective in killing bugs once they are sprayed across the furniture or bedding that is infested with such blood-sucking bed bugs. 9 Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs Tea Tree Oil  Bed bugs are little insects that suck blood and get active at night. These days bed proof encasements are designed that are efficient in trapping the smallest of the bed bugs. However, this method stays effective as long as the number of bugs in your bed is not alarmingly high.
This common oil that is found in most of the houses forms an effective home remedy to get rid of bed bugs. Generally ? inch in size, these bugs stay in dark places, including beddings or wall peelings and feed on human blood. Here are a few of the best home solutions for killing bed bugs and eliminating the problem permanently.
The primary location where they make their attack is the bedroom and they even attack the sofa sets in the living room. Bean Leaves are used as an excellent trap for these pests and an effective way to deal with the bed bugs. Calamine Lotion: Calamine lotion can be used to alleviate the itchiness caused by the bites of the bed bug. Diatomaceous Earth: The diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled around the house to eliminate the bed bugs.

Herbal Treatments: Apart from lavender oil herbal treatments like tea tree oil, thyme, and eucalyptus oil are used as home remedy for bed bugs and these are used delicately in the infested areas to provide relief from the infection and scarring caused by the bed bugs.
Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is an excellent bed bug repellent and one among the best home remedy for bed bug.
Steam Treatment: Yet another easy home remedy for bed bugs is steam treatment which is useful to deal bed bug infestation. They just get inside homes through cracks and treating them with natural home remedy for bed bugs is a good option.
If the bed bugs have already grown and reproduced in your bed to a large extent, all of them may not die using steam. Diatomaceous Earth An organic pest control used in gardens, the non-toxic powder is very effective in killing bed bugs. Try them if you are suffering from bed bugs, these remedies will definitely help in killing them. In such cases it is very necessary that one purchase good quality mats and get them systematically cleaned as the most important home remedy for bed bugs.
Steam cleaners are used for this process and this process is widely used even by pest control companies to treat the mattress. This agent is a very powerful anti-microbial agent that creates unfavorable conditions for the survival of bed bugs.This curtails the supply of oxygen within the mattresses.
However, none of these are hundred percent bug eggs killing agents. Thus, your mattress can again develop bugs that can make sleeping a torture for you. Though one of the best solutions for killing bed bugs is to call a professional exterminator, a good alternative is to check and resort to simple home remedies to kill bed bugs. For best results, just sprinkle the powder onto the mattress or area which is bug infested but refrain from breathing directly into the powder.
So it is necessary that we make use of certain home remedies for bed bugs to get rid of these pests.

Lavender oil is easily available and this can be made use of by rubbing the oil on the bed frame and even on the floor. Thus, this home remedy is effective in the initial stages of invasion of your mattresses with bed bugs. These ugly creatures as it is known to crawl around the bed and bite people and suck the blood from their body.
This ingredient is the real reason behind the death of bed bugs upon perpetual exposure of the mattresses to clove oil. All the home remedies listed above are hundred percent safe for human health. However, less severe cases of bed bug invasion can be handled via the home remedies easily. Vacuum cleaners also form an effective home remedy for killing bed bugs. For best results, use a baby powder that has talc as these suffocate the bugs and eliminate the bug problem. However, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is that this powder can kill bed bugs, but not their eggs. Zipping the mattress via a mattress cloth is an effective way of keeping the bugs away from your body. Some other popular and effective home remedies used for killing bed bugs are borax powder, garlic, red pepper and cinnamon. Best Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs Steam Steam penetration is a very simple home remedy to kill bed bugs. This home remedy is influenced via the pest control method adopted by professional companies. Do so after separating the clothes so that the bugs are not transferred to non-infested clothes.

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