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Lemongrass Powder of lemongrass is an effective home remedy used to kill bed bugs and their eggs, both. Take a spray bottle and almost fill it with water add a little liquid soap, you can also add a little disinfectant, spray on the beg bug it dies in three seconds, very cheap and very effective. However, this method stays effective as long as the number of bugs in your bed is not alarmingly high. This common oil that is found in most of the houses forms an effective home remedy to get rid of bed bugs. If the bed bugs have already grown and reproduced in your bed to a large extent, all of them may not die using steam.
This agent is a very powerful anti-microbial agent that creates unfavorable conditions for the survival of bed bugs.This curtails the supply of oxygen within the mattresses.

However, none of these are hundred percent bug eggs killing agents. Thus, your mattress can again develop bugs that can make sleeping a torture for you.
Thus, this home remedy is effective in the initial stages of invasion of your mattresses with bed bugs.
This ingredient is the real reason behind the death of bed bugs upon perpetual exposure of the mattresses to clove oil. All the home remedies listed above are hundred percent safe for human health. However, less severe cases of bed bug invasion can be handled via the home remedies easily. Vacuum cleaners also form an effective home remedy for killing bed bugs. However, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is that this powder can kill bed bugs, but not their eggs. Zipping the mattress via a mattress cloth is an effective way of keeping the bugs away from your body.

Some other popular and effective home remedies used for killing bed bugs are borax powder, garlic, red pepper and cinnamon. Best Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs Steam Steam penetration is a very simple home remedy to kill bed bugs. This home remedy is influenced via the pest control method adopted by professional companies.

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