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A academia Killer Bees foi formada pelos mestres Anderson Silva, Rodrigo Vidal e Israel Gomes. A Academia Killer Bees de Curitiba Oferece Aulas especiais de Muay Thai Feminino.Uma aula totalmente voltada ao publico feminino. Carpenter bees, also known as wood-boring bees, are mostly known by their ability to literally drill through wood surfaces. Little Bees specialises in traditional and wooden toys, such as Wooden Ride-on Toys, Organic Baby Gifts, Educational Toys and Keepsakes. Atualmente sob nova direcao de Rodrigo Vidal a tradicional Academia Killer Bees foi repaginada e hoje se tornou a melhor e mais bem equipada academia de Muay Thai, Boxe, Jiu Jitsu e MMA da cidade de Curitiba e da America do Sul. Na Killer Bees temos modalidades especificas como Treinamento Funcional e Muay-Thai Feminino, proporcionando a todos os alunos um treinamento diferenciado de acordo com seu perfil.
The Bees rejoined the PCL in 1958 and quickly rewarded their fans with the 1959 championship. There are nearly 730 species of carpenter bees, and they live anywhere where woody plants and wood structures are plentiful.
These amazing wood-boring bees resemble bumble bees, except that the upper surface of their abdomen is bare and shiny black (the abdomen of the bumble bee is hairy and has at least a few yellow markings). Male carpenter bees are recognized for having a yellow face and interestingly they lack stingers, while female carpenter bees have black faces and are able to sting.Male carpenter bees will often spend hours a day guarding their territory and nests against other males.

It is the female carpenter bee that is the culprit of the holes you are seeing in your log or cedar home.
Carpenter bees are open-faced flower pollinators, and the female bee uses the pollen she gathers to make her nests. Carpenter bees do not ingest wood, instead they use the chewed wood bits to make partitions between the cells in their nests. In fact, woodpeckers will peck even larger holes into the log or siding of your home in order to eat carpenter bees and their larvae.
It is the woodpecker damage that is the most detrimental effect of carpenter bees.Pesticides can be used as a deterrent since carpenter bees appear to be sensitive to certain odors and tastes. However,  the bees do not ingest wood, any pesticides that are applied to the outer wood surface are not ingested by the carpenter bees and therefore are not effective. We will leave the holes unsealed so that any carpenter bees that enter the holes within the next couple weeks will be exterminated.
Keep in mind that if the hole is filled prematurely, the carpenter bees will simply seek out other locations on your home to bore holes.
We’ve designed traps that will be installed around the perimeter of your log or cedar home just behind the fascia boards.
Furthermore, we’ve learned that fascia boards tend to be the place carpenter bees prefer to bore their holes in since these areas are protected from the rain.

The powder is then carried by the carpenter bees to other bee holes and from bee to bee, and therefore serves as an effective way to eliminate your carpenter bee population. Though toxic to the bees, the powder is environmentally safe and is pet- and people- friendly.In addition to being a nuisance, carpenter (wood-boring) bees have the ability to do significant damage to your log or cedar home.
We've designed a trap that is installed around the perimeter of your log or cedar home, behind the fascia, and out of site. Carpenter bees will enter the pre-drilled holes, carry the powder to other pre-drilled holes and to their nests. We specialize in eliminating carpenter bees (wood-boring bees) for log and cedar home owners. We realize how much of a nuisance they can be, and we also know that it is concerning to see the damage they are doing to your log or cedar home.

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