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Kill bed bugs and erase any concerns your clients might have by using NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO. It even kills any newly laid eggs within 72 hours or less.Our bed bug spray can be applied as a liquid or a mist. Just use a non-thermal ULV fogger to apply as a mist or a commercial hand pump sprayers for liquids.Because NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO is non-conductive, it can be sprayed inside wall outlets, plate covers and wall voids.

Bed bugs won’t be able to hide in walls, and it’ll be much harder for them to migrate between apartments.However, you’ll still want to use common sense and caution when using NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO around electrical outlets. Be smart and unplug devices and turn off power when possible before spraying.NATURE’S RESPONSE™ BED BUG KILLER PRO is even more convenient than other bed bug spray treatments.

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