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Despite the fact that a large number of moles are harmless, most individuals opt for removal considering cosmetic reasons.
Offering a number of benefits of tea tree oil for skin, it helps cure various skin disorders.  Dabbing a few drops of tree tea oil on the moles using a cotton pad helps get rid of them. Combined with other ingredients, like castor oil and apple cider vinegar, baking soda makes a splendid formula for eliminating moles. Ground flaxseed combined with honey and flax seed oil is another remedy for removing moles. Spreading thick cumin seeds on the moles and covering using a bandage also offer good effects for removing unsightly moles. Yet another remedy is honey with its skin nourishing compounds.  Applying honey regularly on the mole before bedtime proves effective. Applying honey blended with linseed or castor oil on the mole on a daily basis and washing them off after an hour’s time makes them vanish.
The milky fluid obtained from chopped dandelion roots is another effective treatment for removing moles.  Applying this substance everyday on the mole and cleansing after forty minutes provides excellent results. Cover the moles with the milky extracts from the trunk of the banyan tree provides encouraging results. Smudging the moles twice or thrice at bedtime with the extracts of milkweed herb and washing off the next morning proves effective. Applying onion extractions on the moles everyday at a stretch for a few weeks help them become extinct. Applying paste of fresh coriander make the moles wither and die out.  Although it takes time to achieve desired results, this happens to be a beneficial remedy.
Cauliflower extract is another naturally effective remedy for removing moles safely.  Applying the extract on moles on a daily basis makes them peel away leaving behind smooth health skin.
Applying a paste of drumstick pods blended with limejuice on the moles and washed off after an hour makes a great remedy. Keeping thin slices of radish on the moles regularly for a few weeks provide excellent results. Laying potato slices on the moles and leaving them overnight for a couple of week also eliminates them. Placing a slice of sour apple or applying its extracts on the mole using cotton pads thrice a day aids mole removal within a few weeks time. Applying grape seed extract on the moles proves effective in the long run as it may take about a month’s time to see the desired results. Laying pineapples or rubbing the moles with its extract also works wonders for removing the moles.

Smearing roasted and ground Pomegranate peels along with limejuice on the embarrassing moles eradicates them. Applying a paste prepared from aspirin tablets with water on the moles and covering with band-aid twice a day makes them disappear. Putting on crushed vitamin C tablets on moles and binding them with plaster is an effectual remedy for removing them.
The most sought after method, this procedure involves removing moles via laser technology, performed with local anaesthesia in a maximum of four hours.
This method is an only option for removing malignant moles, where the process of removal involves surgical procedures completed with sutures. This procedure consists of freezing the moles using liquid nitrogen to destroy the cells.  This proves an effective method without causing scars.
This process involves using a Cauterization tool for burning of moles by placing antibiotics within the wound. This process includes lifting moles using a small knife followed by burning on the other side to avoid bleeding. Moles are small clusters of cells that can appear at any point in life for a variety of reasons.
Baking soda is often used in conjunction with castor oil for mole removal however it can be just as effective when used on its own.
The alkaloid; bloodroot, is used in many wart removal creams and is renowned for its effectiveness in such treatment. The skin should be cleansed and the surface of the mole agitated before bloodroot paste or poultice is applied directly to the surface of the mole. Ground flax seeds up into a powder before adding a small amount of honey and flax seed oil to make a paste.
Applying the paste two or three times a day should see the safe removal of the mole in a few weeks.
To use for mole removal treatment, simply cut a garlic clove in half and rub it over the mole.
Either apply fresh juice from a pineapple directly to the mole or use freshly chopped pieces of pineapple to the mole several times a day for some weeks to see a dramatic difference in the appearance of the mole before its complete removal. Applying extract of milkweed to the mole and leaving it overnight for a week will gleam positive results in as a mole removal treatment. Fig juice is another ingredient which is used widely in some of the best natural mole removal treatments on the market. Applying the fig juice to the mole and simply leaving it every day is a cheap and effective way of removing the unwanted lesions.

Alternatively, people may use fresh fruit juices rich in the vitamin and apply it directly to the mole two or three times a day. Simple to use, the cider can simply be applied directly to the clean surface area of a mole, left for 15 minutes and rinsed off with warm water. Rinse the area with warm water in the morning then repeat daily for the safe removal of moles. Repeating this method daily for several weeks can see lightening and complete removal of the mole.
White chalk is known to reduce the appearance of moles drastically, by drying them up until eventually they fall off.
Honey is often used in conjunction with other ingredients however it is a very effective mole removal treatment in its own right.
However, there are various natural remedies available for achieving this purpose that happen to be safe leaving behind no scars.
However, following this method for fifteen days with several applications a day proves beneficial and helps get rid of moles. It is very popular home remedies and many over the counter products include this ingredient in their formulas. Simply rub some white chalk around the surface of the mole, taking care not to get any on the surrounding skin. Applying this mixture repeatedly a number of times per day for a couple of week’s time, on flat moles helps reduce size and wipe them off completely.
For the non-dangerous types of moles (benign) many people may choose to leave them as they are, however if the moles are in a particularly prominent place on the body, or there are many of them some choose to find ways in which to remove them.
Alternatively, the user could crush the garlic and apply it to the mole, covering it with a band aid to leave overnight.
Applying the paste nightly and leaving overnight before rinsing off in the morning will make a huge difference to moles after some weeks. This should be repeated three or four times daily for several weeks to remove the unwanted lesions. Whilst there are numerous effective creams such as Dermatend and surgical options to remove the troublesome lesions, most people try to explore alternative, less expensive options for mole removal at home.

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