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Macaws: Are part of the parrot species, there are over 300 parrot species in the world and 30 of them comprise the genus Amazona.
Anaconda snakes: This snake is well known both for it's size and because it is very dangerous and is one of the most dangerous animal that lives in the Amazon Rainforest. Gray Mouse: An interesting kind of Animals in the Amazon rainforest, this mouse is the most endangered of all animals in the Amazon Rainforest today.

We can freely say that today Anaconda snake has no enemies and that it is a rare animal which is not in danger in the Amazon Rainforest.
They can be seen very rarely due to the fact that by some statistics there are only 1200 in the entire Amazon Rainforest. If you would also like to view some videos about the animals in the rainforest, or the wildlife please visit the Links page.

Since more than half of them live in the Amazon rainforest, this massive loss of habitat causes its extintion at an accelerated pase.

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