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Small sheds, taxidermy shops and small rooms won’t need a lot of material and can be maintained with an aerosol known as BEDLAM PLUS.
Bedlam can be applied safely to baseboards, carpeting, wood flooring, finished taxidermy like mounted animals, drapery, furniture, area rugs and pretty much any kind of hide or fabric.
The other benefit using Phantom is that because it will take 3-4 days to kill a target pest, they can in turn transfer some of the active to other insects who in turn will die too. For large areas, it will prove more cost effective to use a liquid treatment like DEFENSE SC.  Aerosols can become costly for problems that linger and liquids allow you to cover big areas more efficiently.

Males will be chasing females, which can start egg laying in as little as a week, and females are always seeking good food supplies on which to lay eggs.
Plus the assortment of nozzles that comes with it will enable you to make the proper treatment efficiently, without mess or waste. This combination works well on fabric pests like carpet beetles, clothing moths and hide beetles. It only takes a few seconds of spray to treat the average animal mount and treatments can last 1-2 months.

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