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Safe removal methods and some mild home improvement can get rid of your squirrel problem for good. If you find a nest with little baby squirrels, the best course of action may be to hire a professional. You will be able to get rid of the mother, but the babies will then starve to death possibly in an area that you can't get to.
The humane, practical and logical solution is to remove the squirrels in such a way that you don't have to worry about deceased animals in the crevices of your attic. Again, remember that squirrels can fit through tiny spaces, so any damage at all should be repaired to help get rid of the squirrel problem.
This humanely allows the squirrel to enter the door and get outside, but it does not allow the squirrel to get back through the door.

Keeping your trees trimmed and branches away from your house is an added measure to get rid of your squirrel problem. Hiring someone is usually only necessary if a litter of baby squirrels needs to be removed.
Make sure the professional uses humane practices, conforms to the laws of your state and takes steps to relocate the mother squirrel and her young. If you're interested in relocating squirrels yourself, take a look at the article in the resource section below. The main safety precaution you should take is avoiding direct contact with squirrel droppings.
Not only is there no poison available to use on squirrels, poisoning the squirrels in your attic is not legal.

The poisoned squirrels would remain in your attic after they die, and more squirrels would continue to get in. This is an inhumane, ineffective and illegal method for getting rid of the squirrels in your attic.

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