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Rodents, like mice and rats, can literally ‘chew away’ at your property, causing damage and bringing germs and disease to where you live and work. House Mouse: These usually light brown or light gray in color, and is a smaller, slender rodent, usually 5? to 7? inches in length (tail included).
Norway Rat: These are moderate-sized rodents, usually 12 to 18 inches long (including a bi-colored tail that is 5 to 8 inches long). Trim trees and shrubs back from buildings to prevent rodents from using them to gain access.

Many people will try to get rid of mice by catching them in various types of traps, although catching one or two may not be enough to eliminate the entire population. The benefit of using poison outside, such as in a barn, to get rid of a population of mice is that it is lethal and somewhat effective in the short term. With more than 2,200 different types or rodents, known to carry up to 35 different diseases, they can affect health and safety in serious ways. Seeing mice or rats can be fairly common at various times of the year, and you may hear them running around behind walls or in attic spaces in fall and winter months when they try to obtain warmth and moisture.

Rodents will chew siding and other building materials, can eat through insulation and electrical lines increasing the possibility of a fire, gnawing and nesting in furniture, and contaminating insulation, attics, basements, and crawl spaces with droppings and nests.

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